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Fuel Freedom International - Bunk or no?

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  • Fuel Freedom International - Bunk or no?

    Any one out there brave enough to put this crap in their gas tank? What were your results? I'm not a chem eng but I do have some background and in all there explanations they go in circles and never answer the questions. What are your thoughts, mine are it is just another MLM scam

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    Haven't tried it, but sounds like Slick 50 as a gas additive. If you ever pulled an engine apart that was using slick 50, you would have noticed that it does put a film on areas of high temp, such as in the combustion chamber. Never knew anyone who improved their gas mileage with it, tho.
    Mine is still under extended warrantee, so can't put any gas additives in it as it voids the warrantee on the emission control components.
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