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    Doe's anybody know if their is a bounty for Real Estate Agents? If there is I'm ready to collect on one. I have asked about green tagging in another thread and now I'm really pissed. They had another inspection done after they used a fabricated roll-out guard in the furnace. They then lied to the second inspector they had come to check it out. When we called him to ask about his findings he was really ticked when he found out the gas had been shut off because of the CO leak and not a crack elsewhere.

    So if anybody is willing to pay good I'll just start making cement shoe molds for lying Realtors.
    "Diplomacy is saying nice dodging until you can find a rock." Will Rogers
    "If a Monkey can do your job, are you in the right profession?

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    real estate agents

    You wont be able to make moulds fast enough to supplly all the liars.

    I'll let you know a secret method of telling if a realtor is lying.

    Is their mouth moving?


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      Don't you have your own agents that knows the "tricks of the trade"? I am sure there are standard items that try to get hidden. Your agent should know what they are and what to look for.

      Rick is doing more and more sewer camera inspections for realtors on behalf of perspective home buyers.

      You have to be a good detective, unfortunately.

      phoebe it is


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        Report them to the state licensing board for a ethics review. Let them know you are going to do that and the situation will turn in your favor in a hurry.

        Ethics review scares the crap out of agents.

        Hope all works well.



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          Someone is missing something.

          Real Estate agents are salespersons. They are not qualified inspectors.

          Home Inspectors generally are not qualified tradesmen.

          Building Inspectors do not check for CO leaks.

          A home inspector might check for a CO leak, find one and report it. That does not necessarily mean a cracked heat-exchanger. It could be a flue gas leak from elsewhere in the system, possibly a flue that is not drawing properly. Upon startup, it would not be unusual to find a leak. The flue gas that is initially expelled may not be sufficiently warm to properly draw.

          The real question is, why is an apprentice electrician getting involved in a flue gas incident? Where does sparky get his professional knowledge from?


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            I understand your point, but he hinted that the agent was aware for the reason the gas was shut-off to begin with. With that, they then got a different inspector and negelected to "DISCLOSE" important information.

            Ask any real estate agent (salesman) if they know about disclosure laws and watch it fly!



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              Sparky Involved

              Hey Big Thom,
              Jim Don


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                Originally posted by JimDon
                Hey Big Thom,
                Jim Don
                We are getting the furnace replaced the the water heater flue redone. We are also going to File a complaint against the sellers Realtors for lying to the second "licensed contractor" they had check out the furnace. The first if i hadn't mentioned it was only a salesman and didn't have a CO detector so they had to pay for a second since they still didn't want to believe the HVAC contractor we had check out the furnace.
                I like to know as much as i can about some things so that in a disagreement i have my facts straight sometimes i am wrong but i have family in almost every trade known to man.
                And while the furnace was being inspected by All Star i was asking him questions and watching the camera screen.
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                "Diplomacy is saying nice dodging until you can find a rock." Will Rogers
                "If a Monkey can do your job, are you in the right profession?


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                  I feel for you Polar, My wife and I just moved into a new house that the seller, and the realtor insisted that there was a home warranty. The day after we moved in the A/C compressor died. So believing that there was a Home Warranty I called the company up, the told me there was no home warranty and that they had denied coverage on the house 3 months prior to our purchasing it, it seems the company will not cover a house that was left vacant for over 4 months. No our attorney is trying to get us reimbursed for the cost of the replacement a/c compressor. With any luck we won’t have to take the seller to court. Now as far as realtor goes the seller’s realtor was fully aware that there was no home warranty as the home warranty company listed off the names of who they notified, the sellers realtor was on the list.

                  The other item of interest was we had some home wiring jobs that were not up to any standard. The ceiling fan in the master bedroom’s power was supplied by a piece of Romex with a plug attached to the end of it that went though the wal in the bedroom into a closet and then into the attic. To turn off the fan you could unplug it in the bedroom or use the switch on the fan. The attic lighting had coffee can lids screwed into the junction boxes to act as covers. The sellers realtor was there for the home inspection we pointed these issues out to him and when we asked for the problems to be fixed the electrician they called in was never told about all of the problems, after faxing a copy of the letter that we gave the seller, her attorney and the realtor identifying the problems to the electrican was he able to give a accurate quote and repair the problems.

                  I trust very few people and realtors are now up on the list with used car salesmen.


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                    You seem to expect to much from a realtor.

                    The realtors (both the one listing and the one showing) work for the seller, NOT the buyer. They have an obligation to the seller, not the buyer. They are paid salespersons, paid by the seller.

                    Realtors don't know construction, codes, and probably not even how to close a sale. That's why there are title insurance companies. The title company does the close.

                    Always remember, the realtor works for and is paid by the seller. The realtor does not work for the buyer, UNLESS you hire your own and pay them yourself. You must first establish a written contract with them spelling out their responsibilities.

                    It always surprises me how many people think that because they went to/picked the Realtor, rode around with and talked to the Realtor, that the Realtor works for them. If you as a buyer tell the Realtor "I'll offer $200,000 but if they won't take it I'll go as high as $225,000 the Realtor is legally obligated to communicate this in full to the seller. Anything a buyer says to the Realtor that might affect the sale or the price must be communicated to the seller.