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  • home depot stores and websites question

    I know that not all home depot stores carry the same inventory or even product lines..for example, I know of two local Home Depot stores that do not carry any hilti tools.
    I also understand location and customer needs will vary from store to store come the Home depot websites and what is on sale or offered differ so greatly?
    I look on the home Depot website for a tool or product and it's not there, On the other hand I can find it at the store?

    Now, I go to other tool or home center websites and you can get what you see? -or- they tell you what store has what you're looking for.

    There was a posting here recently letting us know about the herculift product being on sale. I did not find a single home Depot website listing the product [herculift], the sale, or for that matter at any of my local stores! I even asked about the herculift product and the home Depot folks in the tool area had no clue.

    Any answers?

    Cactus man in Arizona
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    The herculift is on clearance at certain HD's. HD cleareance items vary from store to store, and is totally different from their pan-store sales.

    For instance, the Ridgid 4pc tool set is on clearance at one HD by me for about 230, and is full price at a brand new HD up the road.

    As for the other home improvement store (i assume lowes), just because their website tells you they have a certain item in stock at a specific store doesn't mean jack. I've been burned by that system. When i arrived at the store, the item was mysteriously in stock, but nowhere to be found. Same thing with places like Circuit City.

    I usually just call to see if they have an item in stock, but unfortunately HD and Lowes employs (for the most part) worthless droids who don't know their right hand from left.


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      From my experience, you'll find two kinds of "Clearance" items in Home Depot stores. The "official" clearance items, like the previously mentioned Herc-U-Lift are tagged with a yellow clearance price sticker which is very similar to the normal white price stickers, except for color. These clearance items are at least regional, but more often national. They are a result of a product not selling to Home Depot's expectations. These are usually great deals and I must admit I love them. I've picked up some spectacular bargains that way, especially on "Combos" that didn't meet sales expectations.

      Unfortunately, you will all too often, find stores completely ignorant of some of these items and in many cases that can be pinned down to poor communications between the Regional management and the store management. In most cases however, a price check will usually reveal the correct clearance price, in spite of what the sticker says.

      But with unpopular items or items not known to the average guy, one must understand that the poor "orange aprons" will not have a clue. Things like the Herc-U-Lift are almost completely out of the experience or awareness of the average sales associate and unfortunately, unless one has the squ #, it's almost impossible to find on thier computer system.

      The other "clearance" items are so named by the store managers. These are often ridiculously priced, pieces of junk that they either discovered or was in some way returned and left disshelved for later discovery and sale. A case in point was the Ryobi cordless drill/driver I saw today: priced $12.50 under the regular price... no case, no driver bits, no battery or charger, and it looked like it had kicked around in the back of somebody's pick-up for a year or so.

      Similarly they had two Ridgid tools that were marked with a green tag, "Clearance - Factory Reconditioned" I DON't THINK SO! These were worn, filthy, and battered; yet, priced ony abut $30 off the normal price. I don't know whether somebody was doing a contractor a favor or what, but these tools were beyond what I would have ever allowed to be returned. To mark them as "Factory Reconditioned" was doing an injustice to Ridgid and certainly to any customer who was dumb enough to think he was getting a good deal.

      Regarding the web site, I am under the impression that things change so quickly with some of these items, that the web team can't keep up. With many companies, the web site is still too new of an idea to even be on the agenda of management, much less kept up to date on anything but feature products.



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        You may already know this, but thought it was worth mentioning anyways. Many stores use their websites as a seperate entity. (Home Depot and Best Buy for example). So the web may have somethings or prices that the stores do not and often will not honor prices on the web in their stores or vice-versa. HD is pretty "good" about that. With Best Buy I sometimes used to order things online and have it set to "pick up in store" to get the better online price with no S&H.

        Just my $.02 worth.....
        Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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          HD is losing a ton of money because their website does not sell everything that they could reasonably sell.
          I wanted a riser kit for my BS. I called ridgid and they gave me the number to a west coast order center, or they said I could go into HD and have them order the part. The order center wanted about $130.
          I would rather have a hot poker stuck through my eye than go into an HD and order something from their special order desk, this is never a pleasant experience. BTW, HD's price is around $50
          I ended up ordering the grizzly kit from grizzly for about $50 delivered.
          If HD had this available online I would have ordered it from them.