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clarify ridgid tool bags please

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  • clarify ridgid tool bags please

    I see two tool bags but one picture.
    can anyone tell me the difference between these two tool bags?
    also their dimensions..thanks

    R-9213 900819004
    R-9223 901282002

    For a drawing of the tool bag go to
    and select the above part numbers

    Cactus man

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    Well, just to confuse things. this one does not seem to match either number you gave but on the plus side it does have all the dimentions!


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      Not sure of the size or if this is correct but I think the R9213 is the bag for the 3 piece kit and the R9223 is the bag for the 4 piece kit. never use my bag not even sure where it is to measure it


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        thanks Wayne

        the tool bag shown on this website is not what I'm looking at. Rather, the canvas type bags that come with some of the power tool packages/kits.

        I have seen the small and medium and there is a large unit for the 4-5 pack kit.

        your second post explaining the bags are for 3 or 4 tools may be correct. I have sent an e-mail to order tree and to M&D mower asking if they can better describe the bags..

        Cactus Man


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          tool bag follow up from Cactus Man

          I went and ordered a tool bag from M&D mower.

          I bought item number rid-900819004 cost was $27.29

          I received it in a very timely manner [meaning within 3 days]

          The bag is amazing but it's huge!
          I can fit the reciprocating saw, planer, circular saw, and a myriad of extras in the main section with a surplus of room. The zipper is very strong.
          I am pleased with the bag. the two outside zipper pockets do hold the 18v battery nicely and safely.

          I understand how some may wonder about the bag's strength, as you have a rubber type bottom and the canvas may develop a weak spot at where they join if you overload the bag.

          I am pleased with the bag, and for my needs it should provide many years of service.

          I do wonder why home depot or ridgid does not offer this and many other items/parts directly from this website?

          I have utilized both ordertree and m&d mower for all my ridgid parts needs successfully..both have very similar pricing too.

          hope this helps others

          Cactus Man in Arizona


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            thanks for the M&D review, there has been recent discussion about this company and from what I have seen on the few parts I have looked at they are significantly cheaper than ordertree and they ship worldwide too. guess they will get my next order


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              Thanks Cactus Man for being the guinea pig and placing an order with M&D. I too have noticed that their pricing on the Ridgid parts I've check on is much lower than the same items at OrderTree. Even better, it also sounds like their service is exceptional.
              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.