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  • Tile under cabinet?

    Greetings, I need some info on the "proper" installation of tile on a kitchen floor. Should tile be installed under the cabinets or abut them? I'll be installing new cabinets also. I've gotten different answeres to this and just wondering what you all had to say. I do know that tile should be placed where the dishwasher will be, but as far as under the cabinets I'm not sure.

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    I put it under the cabinets especially for tile because of the hight required to set a proper tile, stiffening plywood, lath, mortar and tile should be over 1". That extra floor hight will make the counter top seem low. Besides it makes for a far more professional looking job no matter what material is used, even vinyl, because you won't need quarter round to hide the edges.


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      Thanks WB, I,ll be installing over concrete slab and the hight issue does make sense to me.


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        On a slab the height is not an issue. Do install the cabinets on top of the tile. It makes a more professional installation. Modifing cabinets later will not require removing and replacing tile.

        Tiling the entire area prior to installation of cabinets is actually faster. You are using full tiles instead of making many cuts. You are not dealing with thinset and grout against the cabinet edges. The few $ you save on tile is a false economy.

        I build custom homes. Generally about 4 per year. We always tile before the cabinets, always. It makes a much more professional job. It saves time/$. It looks better when complete.


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          I agree with everyone else. I always tile under the cabinets for most of the same reasons mentioned above. I have also remodeled 2 other homes where the tile was initially installed around the cabinets and that makes things more difficult if the new cabinets are not of the exact same (or very close to the same) dimensions are not used. It looks nicer, more professional, and can make things easier for whom ever down the road.
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            I like to install and level/plumb the cabinets first and then tile up to the toe-kick - that way you conceal any shims you might have under the cabinets. Also you don't have an ugly gap between the bottom of the toe-kick and tiles that you would otherwise have to cover with a quarter round or caulk...

            just my 2 cents...
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