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    It increases income and allows the store to keep associates employed during a slow time of the year.

    HD in you area actually has associates working in the stores. I need to come up and shop where you are. Where I am we barely have people during the busy time of year when lawn and garden is making all the money.


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      They are making room at my store for the dog food now too. We have the Plasma TVs and there are some stereos there.

      There is but really isnt a home depot forum. It is mainly used by retail employees. You can get some good dieas about how frustrating HD (and other retailers)is too work for but when a non associate starts posting they are usually directed elsewhere.


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        Originally posted by AllanToolGuy
        Home Depot and Lowes are at war with each other. Lowes has all kinds of stuff based on that most of their customers are DIY and not serious contractors.
        I would argue HD isn't for serious contractors either, or neither for somewhat knowledgeable DIY'ers.

        Some things I couldn't get at HD or Lowes recently:

        8" Clear, beveled cedar siding
        Stainless steel siding nails (full round, ring shank, etc), i think HD had one box of tiny friggin ss nails.
        good quality PVC trimboard like Azec or AdvancedTrimWright (HD does sell "vinyl" pvc but it's crap, you can mar it with your finger nail).

        Recent bathroom improvement:
        Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan
        Toto one piece toilet
        Kohler mini-widespread faucet
        Benjamin Moore Paint (i have extensive painting experience, and Behr is a friggin's like soup and covers like saran-wrap, the #1 rating perplexes me).

        Not that I actually checked if HD or Lowes had these items, because I learned a long time ago that, for the most part, their bldg product offerings are inferior and basically, for the most part, crap.

        Nothing like a good ol lumber yard, plumbing supply, and lighting store.

        I have no problem going to HD for a Ridgid product, the exception , which, by the way, comes with a Lifetime Service Agreement
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          "Next will be an add-on where you can buy laundry soap and bleach."
          Our HD already has that also.

          "Nothing like a good ol lumber yard, plumbing supply, and lighting store."
          May-be where you are there are good lumber yards, Out here the ones around here have people working there that could care less about you and their lumber quality sucks also. I would love to do business with them regularly but with those items - NO WAY!

          With HD putting most of the specialty stores out of business there's not much of a choice left.


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            Originally posted by House-Medic
            Out here the ones around here have people working there that could care less about you and their lumber quality sucks also. I would love to do business with them regularly but with those items - NO WAY!

            With HD putting most of the specialty stores out of business there's not much of a choice left.
            It's hard to find a good lumber yard. I go to 2 different ones, depending on my needs. It took a while to find competent workers, but now that I've developed a relationship with them it's great.

            HD doesn't have a lumber yard IMO. Their supply is extremely limited, and doesn't qualify as such in my mind.

            As for HD and other big box stores killing competition, I would argue, at least in my area, there is a resurgance in local, independent businesses, because HD and others have alienated customers with poor selection and service.

            I really have no need for HD, except to scope out, and sometimes buy, Lifetime Warrantied Ridgid products, and if I'm in a bind on Sunday.


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              Lumber Yards

              My biggest problem with the local lumber yards is that they are never open outside of 7-5 M-F which happens to be when I'm stuck at the office. I am usually forced to go to the big box stores to find what I need because their hours are convenient.


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                Same here, Most lumber yards and nonbigbox hardware stores around here have poor service or charge over list price for tools. I bot a 12v makita drill and impact driver combo for about $160 on the internet. It was selling for about $190 at HD and for $290 at my local tool store. I dont know how that store is still in business.
                I actually get better service at HD for lumber than most yards around here, which isn't saying much. There is 1 lowes about 20 miles from me and the lumber service there isnt bad, but it is a about a 40 minute drive. Their lumber is easily better than HD.


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                  You guys are a little to hard on HD. You expect clerks to know what a pro knows. It won't happen.

                  I'm a professional homebuilder, have been since 1979. I spend a lot in HD because they are convenient. I don't buy lumber, they are not a lumberyard. The lumberyard delivers what I order and in a timely maner. I can't count on that from HD, but why should I, they are a Home Center, not a lumber yard. If I need to pick up 50 studs, I can get them at HD quicker and easier.

                  I buy caulk at HD, but not paint. DunEdwards paint is much much better but it costs more.

                  I buy wire, boxes, and some electric trim at HD because they are convenient, but the supply house has the same stuff at about the same price. Some stuff I must go to the electric supply house for because HD doesn't carry it.

                  I think HD's a great Home Center. Don't try to build a house or even an addition out of it because that's not the business they're in.


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                    Dun Edwards is much better? Than what? Sears Easy Living? It is easily some of the worst paint I've ever used. Pro Painters use it because it is cheap and easy to work with. It fades quickly and has poor durability.
                    Quality paint is stuff like Benjamin Moore or Pratt and Lambert, painters dont like to use it because it is expensive and eats into their profit.


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                      Wood Cellar,

                      Have you used Pratt & Lambert lately? Just wondering because I noticed they are now a subsidiary of Sherwin Williams. It would be interesting to see if the quality is still there.

                      They used to be more $$$ than Ben Moore, but I think that has changed. Just wondering because their interior paint, "Ovation" used to be a tremendous product, and I have a project coming up.

                      I wouldn't hire a pro-painter for interior work if he said he was using anything less than Regal Ben Moore, or Ovation from P&L. I used to work for a pro painter over the summers in high school and college, the guy was phenomenal and exclusively used Regal by Ben Moore for interior. If we were staining an exterior, it would be Sikkens or Cabots. That wasn't too long ago, but wasn't it nice when a pro would unequivocally use the best product, no ifs ands or buts?


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                        I haven't used Pratt in 2 years. It was excellent paint back then.
                        For interiors nothing beats Regal BenMoore. I also like Ben Moore for exterior woodwork. Like most homes in my area, I have a stucco exterior. Sinclair Stucco Life seems to be a better paint for exterior stucco. I believe it is available only in the west.
                        I tried some Behr premium plus on some of my woodwork and stucco. It goes on well. After 2 years the stucco paint is holding up fine. The woodworked paint is slightly faded, more than the Ben Moore that I applied at the same time.I'll know in another 6 years or so if I like the Behr for stucco.


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                          Rafael, when you used the DunEdwards paint you must have used their cheap lines of paint. Their quality paint is certainly not cheap. Much more $$$ than the brands HD sells. It touches up well, even after 2-3 years so I don't know where the "fade" idea comes from. It washes well without washing off. The exterior trim paint covers well even on the edges of masonite trim. It doesn't peel off the galvanized drip edge like other paints. It sprays well and flat. Covers new drywall nicely in two coats. Colors are consistent between buckets even after a couple years.

                          Give their top line paint a try, I think you'll like it.

                          Anyway, this thread is about HD associates. Remember, they're clerks, not tradesmen.


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                            Couldn't tell you which line I used.
                            I agree that they are clerks, unfortunately, at least around here, they aren't very good clerks.