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    Please tell me I am crazy and that I did not see Halloween decorations including motion activated mummies and crap like that in your stores. What the hell is going on? Are you going to be selling big bags of halloween candy soon too? I really thought I walked into big lots for a minute.

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    This is a Ridgid tools site. It is not Home Depot, it is not owned by Home Depot and it has nothing to do with what products Home depot carries. Why are you posting something here that you should be posting to the Home Depot ( web site? If you want to complain or comment on what products Home Depot carries then please post your comments to their web site.


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      i saw two end aisles with soda stacked sky high, then proceeded towards the cash wrap to see a stack of 42" flat panel tv's.

      i still don't know why they don't stray from that stuff and go the route of an in-store eatery and bank. I could care less about those things, but it would be a cash cow.

      BTW, Ken, it's called "General Discussion"


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        He prolly posted it here because HD associates often say that HD owns Ridgid.


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          I posted here becasue many depot associates visit this forum and many people post here that talk about things other than just ridgid tools or tools for that matter anyway. Thus the reason for the title General Discussion General Topics and unlike some misinformed people I know Home Depot does not own Ridgid.

          However I will concede that I should have posted this under Non-tool related discussion for that I do apologize and will make a note to post there in the future. Happy now?


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            Let's not get excited, there's nothing wrong with posting here that I see. There are lot's of us who discuss our frustrations with Home Depot (and others) on this forum. While Ridgid and Home Depot are separate entities, you can only purchase Ridgid power tools at Home Depot. Therefore, many of us Ridgid fans find it a bit frustrating to see Home Depot loose the focus that they once had on the core of thier business. Besides, Home Depot doesn't have a forum, that I am aware of, though I'm sure it would make for some exciting reading.

            Interesting to note that in any arena, there are always those who feel it necessary to take on the role of "police". Usually it's just someone having a bad day, as we all do every now and then.

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              When i did a search for "where to buy" on the ridgid website, it gave lots of hits that were not HD. Has anyone ever seen ridgid tools for sale (retail)anywhere besides HD?


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                Ridgid WW tools, no, other than some online sellers.

                [I'm trying to keep my responses to 10 words or less, some people think I run on and on with replies that take days to read and contain information that they already know but I have no way of knowing that they know. Even my signature line is three lines long ]

                (See? I'm doing it again )
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                  if we banned people that ran on no one would be posting here so don't worry about it at all.


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                    Ridgid power tools are only available (at least where I live) at HD. I've seen their plumbing tools at other places(even sears).
                    RE: HD having a forum, they wont do it because it would have too many complaints


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                      It been mentioned many times in the past here that there are many other sources for Ridgid power tools. HD is the sole retailer that I'm aware of for "new" but Cummins Tools sells reconditioned Ridgid power tools. Also, most if not all plumbing, heating, electrical and industrial wholesalers that handle Ridgid products also have access to the power tool line. The reason you don't hear about them is that they generally don't sell retail and Home Depot usually undercuts their prices. I doubt if those wholesalers sell a lot of table saws and jointers but I'll bet they do sell quite a few of the corded and battery operated hand tools.
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                        Not an Associate

                        I’m not a Home Depot associate, but I’ll comment on your thread. Home Depot has sold items for Halloween for many years. Ten years ago you would see glow sticks and flashlights at the registers every October. These items sold well and HD has steadily increased what they offer. In most markets this is a slow time of year. Store income from the garden department has mostly stopped. Income from lumber is slowing fast as are all the related products such as fasteners and power tools. Christmas is still a couple of months away from being merchandised in the store.

                        If these products sell, why not offer them? Over the last five or so years, HD has been more aggressive in increasing sales during slow seasons and taking advantage of holidays. For example, selling Christmas lights and decorations in an otherwise empty garden department. It increases income and allows the store to keep associates employed during a slow time of the year.

                        I do get upset when HD doesn’t carry an item that I want, but why would their selling something I don’t want bother me?


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                          I can understand the seasonal stuff, BUT now they have Flat screen t.v.'s and mattresses, When do the dvd players and home stereo's come in????

                          Instead of all this extra stuff why don't they concentrate on keeping the shelves stocked with the items we builders need!!!!!


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                            Because the the TVs are marked up 50%, building supplies are only marked up 10 to 30%.


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                              House-Medic, go into any HD and look around at their customer base. I think you'll find that at any given time, homeowners out number contractors at least 10-1 and probably more. Like any other business, HD is going to cater to their best customers and that's Joe and Janet Homeowner. If Joe and Janet are adding a basement family room and bedroom, HD wants to sell them everything from the floor covering right up to the mattress and the TV.

                              The HD nearest me hasn't started selling mattresses and TV's yet but it won't surprise me when they start. If there were tons of money to be made in selling lumber, WalMart would have been selling it years ago.
                              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.