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  • what do you like?

    now that ridgid is going to be selling some of there cordless tools with out the batterys and charger do you
    1. like this idea and see that you now may be buying more tools
    2. think this is a rip off because it would be much cheaper to buy every thing together as a kit
    3. like like the idea but it would be better if _________ was done as well/instead
    4. don't like this idea at at and this is why _________
    5. i dont have an opion at this time as the idea still seems to new to me .

    also how many of you think that ridgid would listen to the coments of this tread?
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    5. i dont have an opion at this time as the idea still seems to new to me still.
    • I never buy tool bundles. I just get what I need.
    I think the content of this thread has already been noticed by Ridgid. At least I hope they have. There are a number of VP's, Managers, Supervisors and Techs who review our forums daily for content. It's a good place for the company to pick up feedback on products/services for QC, Marketing, Support Services, and Product Management.

    I thought there was a way to run a survey on this forum


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      I like the idea. For many people the idea of buying a kit isn't very practical. Sorry but I don't need a $50 flashlight or a canvas bag either. If all I wanted to buy was say a battery powered drill and a battery powered impact driver buying one or the other that comes with a couple of batteries and a charger and the other that doesn't come with them makes perfect sense. Why should you have to pay for two additional batteries and an extra charger when you really don't need them?

      I don't see whats not to like about it. If a combo kit is what someone wants they can still get them, it's not like they're going away. This also isn't a new concept either. Ryobi has been doing this very same thing for a couple of years now.
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        my opinion:

        I like the option of buying a kit and single tools

        I would like to see a 24v impact driver KIT with HARD case

        if no such beast will exist, may have to go with 14.4v kit

        I am one who adds tools as needed, and buys the best value at the time, whatever brand it may be


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          I think the option to buy the tools without a battery or charger is a great idea. As long as you have the option as well without buying a kit. I don't always stick with a same brand and the battery types are obviously different. I agree with BadgeDave on the no need for a spendy flashlight or vacuum though....
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            guess i have to say that i like the idea but i als the smaller 2 peice kits as well, you know like the impact and drill.
            as far as ridgid reading this forum we know that josh does and sometimes proband dont know if anyone in r&d reads ar even cares about the fom much but i hope that they do
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              i like having the option of buy tools seperat without the extra batteries. If ryobi was better quality I'd probably have a garage full of ryobi tools.
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                I think its the best way to sell cordless tools and Ridgid is doing the right thing. Currently my cordless tools are DeWalt, who refuses to sell tools in any other form than kits combined with a charger and usually two batteries because they claim there is no demand for bare tools.


                "No.We have tried offering the various cordless tools as bare tools in the past and we have concluded that there is not enough demand to justify the resources necessary to offer bare units."

                I have about 10 of their cordless tools and have simply resorted to buying the brand new bare tools on ebay for a fraction of the price (1/3 to 1/4 of what the retail kits cost). I think its ridiculous to have to spend $100-$200 on top of EVERY SINGLE tool to get an extra pair of batteries and charger + kitbox. What the heck do I need 20 batteries and 9 or 10 chargers for? I don't even have enough room for that many kitboxes! Oh and canvas bags are so the way to go! Love the bag on the Ridgid router!

                Bare tools should be the standard for every manufacturer to follow.


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                  if you go to the dewalt site and look at the where to bye dewalt on line most of the on line dealers sell tool only .

                  or try eBay i got a 18 v impact tool only for 70 $ that was with shipping. and it was new with a warranty.

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                    After many years of buying tools.....thoughts of purchasing a single tool is grand! I have had many combo packs and as mentioned earlier, why do I need all these batteries? I research tools before buying any and getting a single tool would probly prompt me to buy more because i like haveing tools on hand. Drills are of ut most importance and I try to have 2-3 on hand while I am doing assembly. I hate changeing bits ALL the time. Have 2-3 around the table with all the bits you need ready to go.Even with the "quick-change chucks" more drills on hand IMO is better.