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    Friends, Wednesday afternoon I had a heart attack. Ive been feeling bad for a little while and having some chest pains, but due to obligations, I ignored it. I drove home wed. and wanted Cindy to take me to the hospital. Too late, she called 911 and paramedics kept me breathing until the doctors could operate. The main artery in to my heart was totally blocked. By the miracles of modern medicine I am home now an feeling pretty good. Listen to what I say and not what I do. If you are not happy with your doctors, don't wait, find another one.I have been putting off looking for another doctor since the one I have missed my diabetes for several years. Even with anual checkups he never ran an EKG or checked my heart in anyway even though he has been treating me for high bloodpressure and cholesterol for years. The sonobitch showed up at the hospital yesterday and had the attitude that I should have listened to him and it was all my fault. He came back today AFTER going through my medical records and had a completely different attitide about it. He found out after looking in the records the my cholesterol has been running in the 120s and my BP has been normal. There is nothing I could have done different to prevent this except to get a better doctor. He could have known and prevented this with a simple EKG last january when he gave me my physical. PLEASE, take care of yourself and don't trust your doctore if you have ANY questions at all about your health. I now have a cardiologist that assures me I will not have any more trouble as long as I follow his instructions and take care of myself.
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    wow sorry to hear that dan but glad you are still here with us.i have been putting off finding a doctor since i have moved from maryland to florida almost a year ago i guess it is about time i get my butt in gear.i hope you are feeling better and back to work soon!!
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Quite sorry to hear of your misfortune Dan. We will hope for a speedy recovery for you. I too have been putting off finding a regular doctor since moving here and probably need to get on that myself. Always good to have a reminder!
      Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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        Sorry to hear about you heart attack Dan but I'm glad that the prognosis is sounding good for you. It's amazing how quick they can get you back up on your feet these days.
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          Get well soon Pa Pa Dan. Glad to see you back


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            That certainly is scary - glad to hear you are recovering well. Major events always seem to put things into prespective - I hope you are back on your feet soon!


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              Sorry to hear this. Hope you get better soon.
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                pappdan, my wife woke me up last night to tell me that pappadan had a heart attack

                i was half asleep and said it must be from too much pizza.

                this morning i opened up the forum and read your post.

                i had you and pappa johns pizza confused

                well we're glad your feeling good enough to be home and back on the computer.

                sorry it took something so serious for you to come back and share your experience.

                rick and joey
                phoebe it is


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                  Sorry to hear of your heart attack!!!! It came as quite a shock, and I am deeply sorry for your condition and wish you all the best for a very quick recovery.

                  Dan, you've been "the man" for a long time and I know that many of us are greatly appreciative of your kindness and the sharing of your many talents and years of experience. Please take care of yourself and we hope you get on top of this quickly.

                  Wishing you a quick recovery and all the best,



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                    Dan, glad to hear you pulled through. If you follow your new doctor's advice you will be fine. I was just out yesterday with a guy who had a heart attack last fall. He was back on the trail groomer in December and yesterday we walked miles of snowmobile trail cutting back brush and fallen trees. You may actually feel better than you have in years


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                      Glad to hear you made it through successfully, I’m sure you now realize how much danger you put yourself in by procrastinating for as long as you did. I had a similar experience last winter but with much less serious consequences. I had chest pains and ignored them and went to work, they continued to worsen so I Googled “symptoms of a heart attack” and was suffering several of them. With a family history of heart problems, I had someone take me to the ER. False alarm, I stayed for two days and had the whole gamut of tests run and all proved negative. I was quite surprised by the reading I did on how much damage one could do to themselves for every few minutes they delay going to the ER. Heal quickly and take care of yourself.



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                        I wish you a speedy recovery Dan, let us know if you need anything from us.
                        Be well.


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                          Dan, good to see you back and I am glad to hear you recovered well from the heart attack. Best of luck, and take it easy for a while.



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                            Yes a good doctor is a godsend, I have a friend who had a dark spot on his cheek. His doctor said it was nothing, however after everyone teasing him about the grease like smear on his cheek and he should clean it off he decided to have it removed. His doctor even tried to talk him out of it, preaching the evils of cosmetic surgery. Any way he had it removed and a routine biopsy of it revealed it for what it truly was, malignant melanoma.
                            As with others glad you are all right.