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Mounting a bench vise to MDF

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  • Mounting a bench vise to MDF

    i built a workbench recently, and the top consists of a series of 2 X 6's and on top of that I layed a 3/4" MDF sheet (with paint and about 8 coats of poly).

    I really need a bench vise, and was wondering the best way to install it on top of the MDF. Should I use some ply underneath it or something?

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    I'd probably use a sheet of plywood or a metal plate underneath the MDF if you intend to do some really heavy stressing on the vise. The MDF is pretty strong, compression wise, but I can visualize some tearout on the bolts it the vise is subject to twisting or prying. Otherwise, just a good set of large washers would probably be sufficient.

    I hope this helps,



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      Thanks for the assurance, can you get steel at the hardware store? I was thinking about stacking a couple pieces to make it easier to cut/drill.


      I was thinking about getting some plates cut and sandwiching the top and bottom like you said, but I'll have to find somebody to do that. And without a doubt, I'll be using the extra hardened nuts and bolts.

      I really want to be able to bend things back using the vise, so I'm not afraid to approach overkill
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        You just need one of theese for your vise.
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          That is awesome! Can I pick one up next time I visit my bro in Ma?


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            Cheeky, if you want one just PM me before you come to MA, and I will make it for you. It also has a piece of 2"x2" square steel welded to it so you can put it in your reciever hitch as a do not tailgate device.