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Brushes for WD12000

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  • Brushes for WD12000

    SN: 00325V 7222
    120V 11.0A 60 Hz

    I have an old workhorse...

    I rescued this little filly (old mare really) off the 101 freeway in the middle of the night some years back. I don't want to put her down, and I don't need the whole motor assembly ($56.00 pn: 824967 Motor (Includes Blower Wheel)). I have the thing disassembled, but I can't find brushes for it anywhere. The brush still has plenty of carbon/whatever left, but vibrations caused the lead wires to break off flush on the back. Some time back, I found that the motor was made by Emerson (spelling?: I don't have the info with me right now though).

    Any help/info would help.

    Mr. Clean

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    The picture on is labled 4.25 hp. How do they figure the horsepower? What is the formula? Do different motors give more or less hp? What other motors will fit in my chassis? Can I get headers and a turbo too?How can I add more POWER?!? rrh rrh rrrrhuh