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  • Home Depot.Com TV !

    Check out the Home Depot .Com TV. Has some kool ideas and reviews of new tools.
    Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!

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    I found the demo video on how to operate an adjustable wrench very enlightening. Can't wait for the "how to use" a screwdriver.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Years ago HD put demo displays in the stores so shoppers would know how to put things together. I wrote the company concerning some serious errors.

      Plumbing display had a san tee on its back, used a combo in place of a san tee at a fixture.

      Electric display did not properly ground armor cable. Did not properly attach romex to metal boxes.

      Window display put house wrap (15# felt) behind the aluminum window flange.

      My suggestion was to hire professionals to build their demonstration displays then hire real building inspectors to check them. What HD did was remove them.

      Once, while waiting at the contractors counter at HomeBase (yes, I know they are gone now) I overheard the clerk explaining to a customer who was designing his own redwood deck: 2X6 pine is fine for the joists. No one will see them so don't waste your money on redwood. 24" centers is fine and a 16' span will work fine. For those of us who work with this stuff, untreated pine is not ok. It will still deteriorate and fail, and it is hidden. 24" centers is fine, but 16' is increadibly overspanned.

      The blind are leading the blind. Do not expect HD employees to know how to use the products they sell. That would be far beyound their pay grade.

      I spend a lot of $ at HD. They are a fine supply house. Their clerks are not tradesmen, they are clerks.


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        The sad thing is that HD used to hire people in the trades. We had pro plumbers and electricians in my store. I work there p/t and I am one of the few who makes good money there, people who know what I do seek me out when they have a question about how to do something. Sadly though the era of Bob Nardelli has made that a thing of the past. Obviously a part time pro wants to make good money and HD doesnt want to pay it anymore. There are few people who know much of anything (at my store) anymore. Lately the HR has been hiring completely innapropriate people for the depts they are in, and paying them low wages.


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          Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
          I found the demo video on how to operate an adjustable wrench very enlightening. Can't wait for the "how to use" a screwdriver.
          Badger Dave,

          That was funny.

          Also, I like the fact that I can view HD commercials I might have missed.
          the dog