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  • They're finally Here

    Many of you know about and have been praying for my wife and I with twins on the way. Well we went in at 23, 28, and 33 weeks to stop preterm labor. We finally made it to 37weeks 1day and I now have 2 perfect little sons. 5lb 12oz and 6lbs even. Both thriving.

    Heres a few pics.

    BTW... sorry if the forum has gotten a little outa control since I have been gone. I will clean everyting up and get rid of any spam on monday.


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    They are grand

    My regards to you and your wife. Don't you worry about this forum. You have had and will have your hands very full taking care of things at home. As they say, Family First. By the way you are quick with the pics of them and posting them.

    Are you day dreaming of when you'll have twin tool men to help you?


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      Congrats to you and your wife Josh.


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        Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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          good on ya - do they have any power tools yet?


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            Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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              Big Congrats!!!!

              Lookin' good Josh. You will have many wonderful days ahead of you and great things to look forward to.

              PS: We can only hope they will look like their mother!!!
              Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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                nice flippin work!

                twin boys.....does it get any better than that?



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                  Congratulations to you and your wife Josh. Enjoy it now before they start crawling around and getting into everything :-)

                  Your next mission is to baby-proof all the cabinets and electrical outlets in the house.


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                    Congrats and I bet you are looknig forward to going to work to get some rest. LOL
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                      Josh, mighty fine looking boys ya got there. I suppose in about 18 years I'll have to worry about them becoming Buckeyes and causing my Badgers all sorts of problems. On the other hand, is that red hair I see? Maybe Notre Dame is in their future.
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                        Originally posted by wwsmith View Post
                        Lookin' good Josh. You will have many wonderful days ahead of you and great things to look forward to.

                        PS: We can only hope they will look like their mother!!!
                        What he said!
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                          congrats Josh, good size for twins. Careful they grow fast, I just had my daughter a short time ago but she started high school this year


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                            congrats josh . how come they do not have a ridgid towel on

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                              good looking boys mine will be 22 in feb. only mine were 8# each