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  • Secure Purchase for Rigid Tool Calendar

    Hey there folks at Rigid Tool.

    Kudos to you for providing a way to purchase the great Rigid Tool calendar online, but you left out one very important function - a secure method to make the purchase.

    The web site does provide the means to purchase online via credit card, but it does not encrypt the session. Basiclly all traffic is "in the clear" when submitting the credit card info and if there are any bad guys watching the session, they can snare your credit card number - bad news.

    I'd sure like to purchase one, but also like to keep as safe as possible with my credit numbers - is there a way to phone in an order?

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    Hmmm I never noticed the line through the padlock when testing the site out. I will get on this and figure out what is going on with the ordering site.

    Thanks for the heads up.



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      You're buring the midnight oil Josh. Twins keeping you awake
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        Should have added - the secure transaction will work (i.e. lock icon in IE) if the user responds "no" to the pop-up prompt to display non-secuire items on entering the order from page.

        Suggest you have your web developer check for non-encrypted graphic content in header/footers which is problably causing the non-secure prompt and leading into a non-secure transaction.

        BTW - I order a calendar for my workshop, life is good...



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          What is the web address for the calender?




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            Try here:
            Still enjoying all 10 fingers!