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    In My Opinion, It's seems like there is excessive thread drift,

    Yes some times there are rabbit trails that are very interesting and informative.

    but many times it is jsut turns in to a totally unrelated discussion of who knows what.

    "using a vent pipe for sewer drain??". has turned into a discussion on east coast VS west coast laws and labor, nothing to do with the discussion on vents.

    And many of the other threads there is major drift into some unrelated discussion.

    It is my opinion that if the subject is important enough to discuss, one should start a new thread,

    First I would think it would be easier to search out information. and when reading through a thread it would be easier to find what is important to the originally question,
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    Re: Thread DRIFT


    A big ^5 to you on this issue. A good many threads get totally out of control and fast.


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      Re: Thread DRIFT

      I try on the one hand to make sure that I have responded to the original posters inquiry as to make sure that any of their questions have been answered to the best of my abilities.

      On the other hand,if there is a post that is misaligned with what may be in the best interest of the forum I feel compelled to reply.

      Perhaps it is getting a little too common for a thread to get busted.I do beleive the O/P's questions were answered to the best of our knowledge.

      Although I also beleive that the person asking may find it uncomfortable to interject while members are bickering.

      I can tone it down a little bit if the network deems necessary.

      But please let this be excersized by all and not just these particular incidents we at the plumbing sections are trying to deal with.

      We are mostly all capable of drifting.

      I apologize if I have been viewed by some as being disruptive.To others.......well,no comment


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        Re: Thread DRIFT

        Theres not much we can moderate to keep this from happening. Members can get threads back onto topic by replying to the orignal question like adam said. Its no more of a problem than it ever was... just many more replies to each thread than there used to be.