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    How about giving the folks who post valid questions regarding present products or future offerings some response? Many of us are disappointed by the misinformation regarding the true AH rating of the new lithium ion battery. We would also like to know if Ridgid will be offering a lithium ion battery to compete with ryobi's 2.4? Seriously who thought 1.5AH was a good idea? Come on and respond, we have decisions to make ourselves!

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    Well, it's been five days and unless all the folks at Ridgid are on vacation I guess none of them read these Forums? I did receive a E-Mail from Ridgid telling me all about this Forum site they have, but no response to my questions. Not my problem, they are the ones who need the sales and I can buy any brand I want. Now who will offer that 18 volt lithium ion battery to fit their current nicad tools? Sure would be nice if it was Ridgid since I have those tools right now, but if it's Dewalt maybe I'll make the switch.