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    A biscuit jointer like tool, but using a drill bit instead. For long, I've been looking for a tool to drill holes on the side of boards, say, 3/4" MDF. It is rather difficult to do this by hand as the hole is not 100% straight and using a drill press is not an option on a 4'x8' sheet!

    You already make a biscuit jointer, so it should be easy to make one that uses drill bits?

    Thanks for considering. I'm a builder, and many people in the field have ask for such tool, and so do I.

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    Re: New tool idea

    Originally posted by Alienizer View Post
    A biscuit jointer like tool, ..........much deleted..........
    Thanks for considering. I'm a builder, and many people in the field have ask for such tool, and so do I.
    Sounds like it might be something better suited to an attachment to a drill motor, either corded or cordless. You might do better sketching something up and approaching Rockler with it rather than RIDGID. Go to Rockler's web site and check it out.

    All ideas or product suggestions posted to the Rockler website become the sole property of Rockler Companies, Inc. Rockler is under no obligation to provide compensation for ideas or product suggestions submitted. However, every idea or product suggestion will be reviewed by the Rockler Product Development team for possible compensation on a case by case basis. Please leave your contact info for further information.

    So don't give the farm away on your first contact. Get your idea documented FIRST then approach various potential marketers.

    Go here and read up on protecting your ideas:

    Notice I did not quote your entire post, and I suggest you remove most of it before anyone else sees it if you plan to market the idea.
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      Re: New tool idea

      If you feel strong enough about your product, apply for a Provisional Patent from the U.S. Patent Office, it's not as expensive as the standard Patent (~150ish, I think instead of thousands). THEN do like Bob D. said, and test the waters. Extra protection for you.


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        Re: New tool idea

        Alienizer, all you need is a cheap Dowel jig and you can drill straight holes into the edges of any boards or sheet goods with any handheld drill.
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