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  • The chat room

    What's the deal with the new look? I was in there today and about 50 peoples names were on there showing them as being in the chat room.
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    Re: The chat room

    I don't know. But moments ago I just had a crazy view on my screen. The words for the depictions of icons were up instead of icons. So instead of a green light next to someone's screen name it said that particular user was currently on line.

    Maybe Josh is playing again

    I just looked at chat. All the names are still there
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      Re: The chat room

      not sure whats going on with the chat. It may be at the end of its life since the forum keeps getting upgraded but the chat software has always been the same. It appears that its remembering everyone who has logged on and just shows them without the light on next to them.

      Sorry I have been absent for the last week and a half. I actually took a real vacation. Was only on the computer probably a total of 3 hrs the whole week