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Ridgid spare parts website

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  • Ridgid spare parts website

    I have been plumbing a long time and i like to keep my tools in shape but from time to time one of my tools have a break down. Rather than just buying a new tool i would much rather pick up a spare part online to make the repair. It seems that this time i have ran into a snag on trying to locate some spare parts for my Ridgid no. 152 tubing cutters.
    It seems like a few more links on here to some suppliers carrying small spare parts would be a big help!
    Thanks, Jorgofthejungl

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    Re: Ridgid spare parts website

    Welcome to the Forum jorgofthejungl, With Ridgid you just have to take them to your supply house and they will send it to Ridgid to be repaired. Your supply house should carry some parts to the basic cutters like wheels, Springs and pins and if not they should be able to order the parts you need.
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      Re: Ridgid spare parts website

      Welcome to the forum. Can you say which parts you want/need for your 152 tubing cutter?

      In case you need it, the cutter wheels are as below.

      Aluminum & Copper: E-3469 33185

      Steel & Stainless Steel: E-4546 33190


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        Re: Ridgid spare parts website

        Thanks for the reply guys. I took this tool to the supply house once but they wanted almost 20.00 in S+H. The whole tool sells for only 52.00. I just need a cutting wheel, a handle screw and a cutting wheel pin and clip. I figured i could just order a few parts, but with the new style cutter it seems like they are trying to make it harder to locate the older parts so you are forced into buying a new style. Call me a half empty guy if you want but locating parts online is usually a 1-2 day search for me at the most.


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          Re: Ridgid spare parts website

          Shhhh I know this is a vulgar thing to post on the RIDGID forum, but take a look here and see what several members on here really like better. I got a #21010 from an online dealer just to try it some time ago. Now there's just no going back. I'm not yet sure what it will be like to find spare parts for it. It does seem like RIDGID wants people to replace rather than repair tubing cutters anymore. What a waste.!!!

          See item #21013

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            Re: Ridgid spare parts website

            Wow! I like the way the deburrer slides out with the push of the button.Seems like your hands are all wet or greasy when you try to open the deburrer on a Ridgid or similar. I leave it open and wind up stabbing myself.


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              Re: Ridgid spare parts website

              To order parts for tubing cutter, drain cleaning machines, wet/dry vacs, and threading machines go to in the catalog number search type the model number in and it will take you to a breakdown of the specific tool. Understand that it is parts only and does not include accessories such as cables.