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Tool suggestion? - cutting wheel

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  • Tool suggestion? - cutting wheel

    Yes, this is a minute detail in the grand scheme of things but....

    I have a set of Ridgid 118, 151 and 153 Copper/Plastic cutters. The beaty about all these cutters is they use the exact same copper cutting wheels, so I only need to stock one type of replacement, as well as the 151's and 153's also use the exact same plastic cutting wheels as well.

    Only issue is lately my company has started using Fusiotherm which is a German Polypropolene. We use their SDR 11 cold water pipe, their SDR 7.4 hot water pipe (domestic), and their Climatherm which is SDR 11 and good for basically everything but potable water (e.g. hydronic heating & cooling mains/pipe). It's all fused by fusion irons for a permanent connection. I can cut the Climatherm & SDR 11 with my cutters and plastic cutting wheels no problem, but the SDR 7.4 is too thick in a lot of cases (in the bigger sizes at least) to cut with my plastic cutting wheel. Just curious if Ridgid could make a plastic cutting wheel with more "depth" for my application, since having square ends, which these cutters are great for, is good for the fusion we do.

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    Re: Tool suggestion? - cutting wheel

    do you need to face these ends like we do when we butt fuse hdpe pipe?

    will a pvc cutter be square enough?

    what is the wall thickness?

    i have no problems with sch. 40 abs and 4'' sdr 17 when i use my wheel cutters.

    sdr 7 is pretty thick stuff.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Tool suggestion? - cutting wheel

      I believe you can butt fuse this stuff but we use couplings with the fusion tools we have. It's all in metric and don't ask me about the conversions but this is just how it is

      20 MM = 1/2"
      25 MM = 3/4"
      32 MM = 1"
      40 MM = 1 1/4"
      50 MM = 1 1/2"
      63 MM = 2"
      75 MM = 2 1/2"

      Can't remember the ones after that because I haven't worked on anything bigger than 63 MM yet. We usually use a chop saw for the 50 & 63 MM I've worked on for the SDR 7.4 stuff. But On the SDR 11 and Climatherm 50+ MM I can easily use my regular plastic cutting wheels but on the SDR 7.4 no way. I could use a hack saw but I like to have perfectly square ends - makes all the better connection at the end. This stuff isn't as finicky as the HDPE though - you don't have to have absolute rock solid hospital clean ends to fuse them - just clean looking.

      I think fusiotherm may have their own cutting tool version of the 153's or the 154's but it'd be cool if Ridgid came out with a deeper cutting plastic wheel as while it is not perfect for every application, I can see this stuff really coming around in the next few decades for varous reasons.