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  • Ridgid Button

    Make the Ridgid logo at the top of the Ridgid Forum an active link to the Ridgid tools website. Just a simple shortcut that I think would be good.



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    Re: Ridgid Button

    I've been meaning to tell josh this for the longest time, and the only reason I didn't was the fact that I knew he was making changes to the site, and figured I hadn't found that default back to the main site.

    And just another quick bit of suggestion,

    The words "THE RIDGID FORUM" would look really cool if it followed the artwork design of the word "RIDGID" on the left, but italicized or slightly angled like the text is now, but the same size as the red letters.

    Could be just the word "RIDGID" and do something to offset "the" and "forum" .

    Josh knows me by now, I love animation or flash imagery on a site as it keeps it looking "active".

    The same reason all news shows along with most all tv syndicated shows have switched formats to a background of some level that's showing movement.

    The same way on the right hand part of my screen is moving right now due to the emoticons.

    Not everybody thinks like me on this subject so toss it like a turkey bone if need be.
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      Re: Ridgid Button

      Send Him a PM JC.
      He enjoys pimpin' out the pad.


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        Re: Ridgid Button


        If a product is mentioned in the conversation, it's automatically linked to the page of the product that's mentioned.

        Basically the reverse motion of the way it's set up on the page of the product, on discussions about the product itself.

        So if anyone mentions Basin Wrench or any names or extensions that would fall in line with it, it would be hyperlinked so it directly takes you to the product in question.

        Basin Wrench
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          Re: Ridgid Button

          Those are some great ideas!!

          HEY JOSH!! you listening to these guys??