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    I'll be the first to admit I don't understand what it takes to sell tools to the public or pros. I do buy tools, all sorts of tools and from time to time I replace or update certain tools. I have a Ridgid 5 piece nicad set as well as several Ryobi cordless tools and I'd like to explain some of my thoughts on buying. When I bought the Ridgid kit, the price was reasonable given the quality and warranty. I had hoped new tools would be offered so I could build on the set but that did not happen to my liking. The Ryobi set included two lithium batteries and while the build quality and strength is not equal to Ridgid, Ryobi does offer a very extensive selection of cordless tools I can buy separately at a reasonable price. I would urge Ridgid to offer separate tools aside from their prepackaged kits, so that homeowners and pros can add to or pick and choose the tools and accessories they want and need. I don't expect my suggestion to go very far since I have read the same suggestion several times before, but it seems to be what consumers want. I think plenty of Ridgid cordless tool owners would gladly pick up some more cordless tools if they did not have to buy an entire kit. I also think it would not hurt to put the lithium batteries 3.0AH on "Sale" once in a while. Maybe a two for the price of one? Come on Ridgid throw us a bone.

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    Along that line, how about offering just the bare tool (no batteries, charger or case). I've been pretty much a DeWalt tool buyer as far as cordless tools go and I have 4 chargers and a bunch of batteries. The batteries charge up faster than I can use the juice. I saw on some website where the bare tools were offered for sale but I can't remember where. Must be an age thing.