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    Re: Spelling counts>>>

    Who needs spell check when you have Joey?


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      Better than Fried Chicken Woooooooooooooo!!!!!

      I make a point to spell correctly, but there are times I've proof read my statements, long or short... 5 to 7 times and STILL miss a common spelling.

      I seem to catch spelling errors in the posted response, not while it is in the box while typing.

      But usually in the first 10 minutes of posting, anywhere, I'll go back and edit/clean the final posting, never to return.

      The fun of being on the INTERNETZHA!!
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        Re: Spelling counts>>>

        We used to joke that the only way the writer would ever pick up his own mistakes was after it got published.

        Perhaps that's because we're too busy thinking about what we're writing, it's sort of dumb I suppose, but I can write a post and re-read it several times and think it's okay.... then if I read it the next day, the first thing I see are all my errors.

        Another problem that I have is a numb left hand, and I find I drop a lot of letters, which I don't seem to be able to catch on my initial writing. I suppose we can make some excuse... Writing is a lot like giving presents, it's the thought that counts (and hopefully not the spelling).