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  • Fred Pond...

    Get on the wire with Emerson or whoever. Then get them to get on the wire with whatever Patent lawyers you can and turn the screws on this SDT copycat B.S.

    Whenever you look for parts OR products on the web, they are cross-referencing your part numbers all over the place. I'm not aware if you can control the copying as your Patent positions may not be filed in other countries.

    But it seems the use of YOUR part numbers in advertising and as a lead/locator in a search engine is wrong, detrimental to your company, and should be stopped.

    Do your best to protect your product and people. Good luck.


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    Re: Fred Pond...

    everyone wants to copy the best in the industry. take it as a compliment.

    patents are typically good for 17 years.

    trademarks are good for a lifetime.

    copyrights are good for 51 years.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Fred Pond...

      This is not a good situation. Someone unaware of the forgery will assume that the parts or tools they receive are genuine. The lack of quality and high failure rate will result in unfounded bad publicity that is sometimes difficult to counter once started.