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  • Yard and Garden Forum?

    RIDGID makes (or should I say sells, I don't know who makes them) a line yard and garden tools, but there is no forum here related to them that I am aware of.

    You've got pressure washers, shovels of various types, post hole diggers, and on it goes.

    On top of that I am sure there are plenty of people on here who tend their own yards, mowing grass, planting, etc.

    So was there ever any thought given to a discussion forum for yard and garden and/or general around the house outside maintenance?

    As popular as the other forums are, this could attract people looking and introduce them to RIDGID's line of yard tools.
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    Re: Yard and Garden Forum?

    Good thinking there, Bob

    I've been howling away that we also really need a HAND TOOLS section.


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      Re: Yard and Garden Forum?

      I thing that is a good idea.
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        Re: Yard and Garden Forum?

        This thread just caught my eye and I think it's a great idea. There is no end to all the discussions we could have spanning hand and power tools, along with yard and home problems and projects. This would also free up some of the other Forum headings.

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