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How about complete BASIC information on your products?!?!

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  • How about complete BASIC information on your products?!?!

    Overall, I'm a happy customer, but there are several annoying things I would really like to see a great company like Ridgid get right.

    1) You lost a sale this weekend because your site didn't indicate that your TV-3000 has an autostart 110VAC receptacle so I could use it for dust collection.

    Found limited info by going to then selecting the 3 gallon vacuum from the different tools. It takes you to a single page describing all the vacuums. Info like filtration down to xx microns would be nice to know.

    On a related note, the local Home Depot has such a lousy display, I couldn't even find a unit there to see for myself.

    Instead I purchased a Fein Turbo Vac II because it's quiet, and has the autostart. Your TV-3000 would have probably fit the bill and would have perhaps been cheaper had I know it's specs.

    2) Why does your site still have the MS-1050 listed and not the MS-1060. I Know it's a new saw, but for many consumers, the tools on your web page are the tools that you have for sale. I almost discounted Ridgid as an option and was planning on buying the Delta unit instead.

    If it wasn't for these forums and Jake Schnarre telling me about the 1060 you would have lost that sale for sure.

    That's another thing, why don't you have suggested retail pricing?

    Ridgid is a great brand and you make great products, but I won't keep buying if I can't find out about your products without having to contact you directly.

    Do you realize, I usually have to call you when I questions.

    Even basic questions, like the one above, or questions like...
    1) What kind of dust collection solutions are available for my TS-2400?
    2) What kind of Tenonning Jig is available for your table saws? We don't make one isn't the answer you should be giving me which is what I got when I first called and asked. Only after talking to several owners did I figure out that I can merely replace the piece that goes in the miter slot with one of the ones that Ridgid sells for a few dollars and I can use the Delta Jig.
    3) If you insist on requiring me to contact you directly to get answers to basic questions, then please start working on weekends so I don't have to call during my breaks @ work.

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    I have passed this info on to our web guys.



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      Thanks Jake,

      After reading my message, I realize how steamed I am about this.

      Sorry for the rant, but I still stand by my thoughts. I do appreciate that you are actively reading all these posts and I hope my criticizms (sp?) will be useful.

      Are you the person who reads the product suggestions section as well? Just wondering if anyone has seen my post on improving your table saws.

      Thanks for a great forum.