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Please make a shop radio

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  • Please make a shop radio

    Please make a shop radio like Bosch and DeWalt. I want nothing but Ridgid tools in my work Shop and I keep breaking jam boxes. Pretty please? With Sugar on top?

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    I'll 2nd this one
    info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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      I'll third this one even though I started the post. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        I got the dewalt radio for christmas, but had to take it back because it shorted out the first time i plugged it in. Got a new one, and i tried to wipe some dust off the screen with a soft, wet towel, and it scratched to a point where you cant read it from some angles. The "made in china" label on the bottom may partially explain the problems, but then again ridgid makes most of their handheld powertools in china, so????I know ridgid could make a better product.


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          Thought I'd post an update on my DeWalt radio situation. I called DeWalt cust. serv., a guy I couldn't understand answered, rubbed his thumb across a nearby DeWalt radio screen, and said: "Hmmm, that one wipe left some pretty major scratches." He went on to say the radio is warranted for two years, but to replace that screen you have to buy the whole front of the stupid thing. I dunno, I just expected a little more from a $130 radio.


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            A Ridgid radio/charger, now that would make a fine addition to my collection. We need to call Ridgid about that.


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              RIDGID, GET BUSY REAL QUICK. My old boom box just went south. I need a new shop radio before the weather breaks and I get back into the shop full time. P L E A S E
              info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                You might want to try some Novus plastic polish on that dial screen to see if you can take out the scratches. I use it on the rear window of my Miata and it does a pretty decent job, providing the scratches aren't too deep. IT sounds to me like they are using a rather soft plastic, I guess it's going to scratch all too easily. If you can polish is out, I'd suggest takine some clear tape or adhesive laminate (like they use for licenses, etc. and putting it over the plastic screen to protect it in the future.

                Also, Radio Shack used to carry a plastic "filler" that you used to repair CD surfaces; give that a try on a corner first to make sure it is compatible and if it is, it may be just the thing for covering up those thick scratches.

                Hope this helps,



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                  Thanks CWS, but I carted the second DeWalt back and picked up the Bosch after being assured Skill batteries would fit in it (same platform as Bosch, turns out. I figured so because they are the same company.) All I can say is this Bosch is such a monster you should need a license to use it! They integrated the BOSCH SOUND, which is a boost that will make you vibrate in your boots. No kidding. It also has 4 GFCI outlets, and a CD player. These frills are made jobsite-ready by a rollcage (I still smile at the idea of a radio with a rollcage!), and a guy at Lowes said the Bosch rep threw one off the highest ladder they had in the store. That very radio is now in use at the Contractor's desk. IMHO, it was well worth the extra $60!