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  • TS3650 Dust port

    I am very happy with my 3650 but would like to know if you will be offering a 4 inch dust port for those that would like to replace their 2.5 inch port? It would make dust collection that much better when used with a Dust collector.

    Randy Beach
    Anchorage, Alaska

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    I've got the same issue. I ended up ordering a 4" to 2.5" reduction tube from (actually a 4" to 3", then a 3" to 2.5" reduction tube because they don't sell the 4" to 2.5" as yet).

    I should get it within a week and will post a follow-up message detailing the outcome.


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      What I did with my 3612 was enclose the back of the saw as best I could. I used two pieces of ¼" hardboard notched to allow for the belt, motor mount and blade guard mount. After I did that, I enclosed the bottom of the saw with a piece of ¾" ply fitted with a 4" PVC toilet flange. Hooked up my 4" DC hose to the toilet flange and was set to go. You 3650 owners could do the same thing. You could probably leave the dust shroud in place if you'd like with this setup or you could remove it.
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        On my 3650 I did pretty much as Dave did, except I sloped the bottom towards the rear and placed the closet flange in the back underneath the motor. I did leave the shroud on around the blade. It just dumps the sawdust down to the sloped bottom I added where it goes to the 4" dust port. I have not made an enclosure for the back as yet. One person here (might have been BadgerDave, don't remember) said they used magnetic strips to hold theirs on the back. I like that idea and plan to use it also.