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  • suggestions for the forum.

    First let me say that I very much enjoy this forum. I am also pleasently surprised that you folks let us talk up other tools that don't bear the Ridgid name. You are a credit to your company and have encouraged loyalty among the customers here.

    That said, I think the addition of two new forums would encourage even more participation. A trading post forum and projects forum. I know we have a woodworking forum already but bearly anyone posts their projects there. IMO, you should create a Projects forum that allows the uploading of pictures. You can always limit the size of the pictures to save bandwidth, but letting the guys and gals here post pics of their projects will only encourage more use of your forums. I suppose that allowing the uploading of small pics to the General Woodworking Discussion board would suffice as well. I have posted projects there but I have the ability to host my pictures. Most general internet users do not know how to do that.

    A trading post would also be a good addition. I know you folks are in the business of selling NEW tools but if someone is getting out of woodworking, it is in your best interest that they get their tools to someone that will use them and thus have a need to buy other items. Of course there is the goodwill thing there too.

    Just some thoughts. Thanks for the forums!