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    Why does Ridgid not sell their tools directly from their website? I know Home Depot has sole selling rights for selling Ridgid power tools, but if Home Depot does not list the tools online they should let Ridgid sell directly to the consumer online. By the way, I e-mailed home depot the other day and they didn't seem to concerned with the lack of Ridgid power tools on their website.

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    I'm with woodwkr02 on this one. Considering the amount of time that most of us have to spend either calling around to the various HDs, or actually traveling to them only to find that they don't have the product in stock even though they said they did on the phone, I think that there would be a whole group of people that would be ordering on-line. Hey, the more time you save me from getting frustrated, the more time I have to actually be in the shop using the tools.


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      I'd also agree. If the contract with HD doesn't allow this at present, it needs to be revisited when it's up for renewal.

      Actually, if it has to wait for renewal time, I'd rather just see Ridgid decide they need to be available from multiple suppliers. In the meantime, the bottomline is that if I can't find the tool, I can't buy it.

      (but I'm sure glad I endured the hassles of multiple HD's to get my 3612.)


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        I'm all for Ridgid selling there tools online and some where other them HD. If you looks at there ad's and the displays in the stores it seams they are pushing Ryobi more and more and letting Ridgid go by the way side. I know that getting in to Ridgid displays at HD is like beating a dead horse so no need to get in to that. Let's hope they do something when the contract run out.
        Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          Personally I think Lowe's would do a much better job of representing Ridgid tools in their stores...they have a nicer look than HD's does and they car emore about the displays.

          Funny, but one of Ridgid's neatest products is the Flip Top Stand, but can ya buy one in Dallas? Yep only a couple of the many stores there is ONE at each one. How insane is that?
          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            I agree also if not sell then at least put the prices on the product so a person can have an idea of what the price is at the store


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              I think Ridgid Woodworking Machinery needs to be better "Exposed" to the public. I visited Home Depot's for several years, and to be honest I never noticed the Ridgid Displays before I "went shopping" for them. In fact, I didn't know Ridgid made woodworking tools!
              With my personal experience, and the Ridgid displays "hidden" away in the corner and behind other displays it is not getting the exposure it deserves. More exposure = More sales. More sales = low prices/free upgrades?
              Of all the places I've been on the net I have never once seen Ridgid on a banner or pop up.
              I have never seen a add in any woodworking magazine for Ridgid machinery. Is this some kind of agreement with selling rights to HD?
              On the inside cover of every major woodworking mag these days is 2 full pages of Grizzly machinery. Do you think that has got them some sales they normally wouldn't have gotten?
              Just a thought, but just a little advertising, even if it's "exclusively" sold at HD couldn't hurt!
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                with over a billion dollars in sales annually, home depot is just too busy to attend to customers requirements on ridgid items, i suppose...


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                  Well, I worked with a very knowledgable salesman of Ridgid machinery, and everything else in the tools and hardware department for that matter; for several months befor actualy making "The Big Purchase". (Walked out of HD $4000.00 poorer that day). However...we have kept in contact as a good salesman does, and he's since moved to Lowe's because of the treatment received as an employee of HD.

                  I agree with a post I read a few minutes ago, about the individual that just don't give a hoot about what they are doing. That apply's to ANY job. But in return, they needed to be treated as humans as well.

                  Personally, it doesn't matter if I'm spit shinning a $20 mill a year CEO's shoes; or if I'm the $20 a mill CEO getting the shoe shine...
                  At either end of the spectrum, I treat all that I meet the same.
                  If I know something about...anything...they seak knowledge about, I'll take the time to offer what I know. It's not my job, it's my nature.

                  I've considered applying at HD for a part time Tools Salesman. Not just because construction is slow and I need the money: If nothing more, to turn the interviewer's face bald face red when I can tell him more about his tool department, than anyone else working for his store.
                  John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>