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    I love seeing RIDGID tools on all of the TLC programs like: While You Were Out and Trading Spaces. I think these shows are watched by more wanna be DIY's and Woodworkers (like myself) than any other shows.

    I think RIDGID should have some sort of give away contest like ..... ummmmm

    The first person to write in with a list of all RIDGID tools that were used, or talked about on this episode will win a cordless drill set.

    Keep it small so you can do it often. I don't like the $5000 shop idea because you want as many particapants on a repeat basis as possible to get as many RIDGID tools in to as many people as possible. <--- poorly written but you get the idea! lol

    Just my two cents worth

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    I watch more HGTV than TLC. Though I will watch "While You Were Out" when there isn't anything else on. Personally, I prefer the episodes with Leslie Segrete, but I digress. For my taste, it is more entertainment that DIY. Instead of learning something from it, I typically find myself counting how many times a Ridgid tool is on screen. I'll watch "In A Fix" (again if nothing else is on) but that show doesn't really teach you anything either.

    Trading Spaces?!?! I just don't see the attaction to that show. I wouldn't want those "designers" anywhere near my house.

    While I watch mostly HGTV, I have to say that I no longer enjoy that network like I used to. It has strayed way off from the common person's DIY realm. I just love those "Designer Challenge" shows. The host says something like "...the so-and-so's have to remodel their kitchen on a budget of ONLY $60,000.00." Excuse me? I'm tired of seeing shows where people do a single room remodel that costs more than a lot of people's entire homes.