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a few things i don't understand about this site.

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  • a few things i don't understand about this site.

    i tried to use an avatar that i have on another board. on that board the properties list it as 64x64 pixels. when i copied and pasted the image to my profile, if blew it up to take over 1/2 the screen.
    blown up avatar

    i tried to change my avatar and it did not take effect. is there a delay?

    also, my "star" rating is no longer visable by my name. i checked my profile and it is checked "yes" in the appropiate section. not a biggie to me, but if there is a problem with the board, it may be affecting others.

    finally, why do the "star" ratings change for members on different pages. check out rmmcbrides rating on these two pages.
    5 star rating
    4 star rating

    that's all for now.


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    Caspian Why are you sending pop ups with your replies?

    I don't want to sign into some other site...AFTE member name and password.......

    [ 12-09-2003, 09:02 PM: Message edited by: rrmcbride ]


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      it's a programming glitch i didn't expect to happen. the link i used to get my avatar is from a members message board that i am on. i guess it automatically pops up the message screen to get into the board when retrieving the link.

      i went back to my profile and chose "no avatar" and it's still importing the avatar.

      tomorrow i'll put an avatar on my personal web site and link it from there so this won't happen.

      is my avatar huge on your screen or is it a red "X" since you don't have access to the site?

      this is the strangest UBB i've ever used.



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        I would be careful with the popups Caspain. It could be a banable offense under the terms and agreements of this board.
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          see above explanation. it's an honest mistake. if you check out the site it's linked to and that i'm a member of, you will see there are no neferious intentions.



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            o.k., now this is really weird.

            it seems that if you have a picture of a tree for an avatar and post a reply, the tree will be the avatar for that post.

            if a week later, you change your avatar to a picture of an apple, the next post you do will have that apple.

            HOWEVER, if you go back to your post from last week, the picture of the tree will still be next to your name.

            is that correct? shouldn't your avatar change in all posts when you change avatars? if not, then i may have accidently caused some real problems (pain in the a$$) for people when i accidently linked an avatar from a password protected site.

            i'm sorry about that. Moderators, is there anything you can do to fix it? sorry for causing you work. if you need to blast my posts, it's o.k. i don't want to cause trouble.



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              I think I fixed it by selecting another avatar for you. You should be able to change it now. No editorial comment was implied by my choice of avatar.


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                Ha...HA ....HA good one Norm.....he looks just like I thought he would.....


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                  a clown is fitting, however i'll find a more amusing one this weekend when i have time to upload a correctly sized image.

                  keeping it clean will limit me quite a bit.