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Add "View Past Posts" to the user MyProfile page

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  • Add "View Past Posts" to the user MyProfile page

    Add the ability for members to retrieve a list of their recent posts (selectable number 10,25,50,or 100) from their profile page. Right now the only way I can find to see posts I wrote in the past is to go back and find a topic that I posted a reply in and then click on my user name. From that page one can click on "View Recent Posts" to see what they have written in the recent past. Why is this the only way to review past posts? I find myself using this often to find topics I posted on in the past.

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    Bob, click on the "directory" prompt on the upper part of the page. At the directory page there is a box entitled "Community Directory Search". Type Bob D. in the box marked "Displayed Name". This will give you a list of all the posts you've ever made starting with the most recent. HTH.
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      Click on your own user name from any post and it takes you to your public profile. Above the box to the right is a link to (View Recent posts)
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        Thanks guys,

        Dave, I did not know of that path to finding past posts, I did know it was possible to search by UserID.

        Dan, Yes, that is the one way that I knew to easily find my past posts (or anyones for that matter), just click on their name and then use "View Recent Posts" as I said in my original question.

        Thanks both of oyu for your help.


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          I discovered the other day another place from where you can review recent posts. It is oddly enough the word "Posts: <some number>". Clicking on the number of posts a person has made or the word Posts will jump you to the same spot that lets you see the last 50 posts from a user.