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    Hey folks! We've been thinking about adding a section on the site with links to tool review sites. We'd like to get your suggestions on good sites. Not necessarily limited to sites that currently have Ridgid reviews on them, but ones that are respected and get a lot of visitors.

    Any suggestions you have in this area would be appreciated.


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    How about these as a start?

    You might want to check them out. Some of the RIDGID stationary tools have made it into their reviews but I haven't seen the new tools shown yet.


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      Here's acouple more resources. This question was asked on another site today

      I have not had a chance to use these links yet, just took them from forum thread and added to my favorite places.

      Good idea though


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        Let's be adults and admit. All tool companies have defects and bad manufacturing experiences. Jet, powermatic, Delta, Ridgid and any other brand you can think of.

        2 points is how many. I will not try to draw conclusions and will let each individual make his own mind up. Although I do think a site like this may magnify any problems by the mere nature of site.

        But most importantly to me and I'd guess most woodworkers is "how do the tool companies handle issues when they come up." I recently took plunge of 900 bucks on Powermatic contractor saw which was a stretch for me. I even made a couple friends through the process of evaluating product. I found a couple people that actually had problems and they told me how the company solved problems. No questions asked send out replacement fence / or complete table saw swap out / etc. And ultimately the consumer was happy with purchase.

        I think I would be a little irked if the tool I bought was not in working condition, but I realize that even Honda makes an occasional lemons ( I LOVE MY ACCORD .. sorry ) But I am more concerned with ultimately getting good product. Cuz I don't want to save money for big tool purchase to find out I'm stuck with a product that doesn't function as I intended and I can not afford to replace b/c money was already spent.

        I bought my saw for other reasons than the production issues. If you like the saw go ahead and buy it. I just hope that Ridgid/RYOBI serves their customer in the long term like the other mentioned tool companies moving forward. B/c their tools do seem to have some attractive features.

        I encourage people that own tools and have had good or bad customer service issues to post their experience on this site. B/c Those of us who are not purchasing ridgid may jump onboard the bandwagon when we feel that they are establishing trend like the Long standing woodworking tool companies.

        ** I meant to direct this context primarily at larger free standing tools, not handhelds **


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          How about or Both have lots of tool reviews.


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            I have one that will be in the works soon. It will take a while to get going. It will not be affiliated with any tool company and you can rate and/or comment on any tools you have purchased or have used.


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              I think you'll get better results off amazon than epinioins b/c they have so few people posting there. But all can be valuable. I've found ti's best to focus on the words they write than the actual stars of each reviewer. I've seen people take a star away for a poor manual.

              Ummmmmmm, don't all tool compnanies have poor manuals. Just something to consider.



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                How about if we write reviews for the web site too!
                Andy B.