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    The online product registeration is a great "tool" but it would be nice to get a confermation page with a confermation number so that we (the tool buyer) knows the information was tranfored and recieved by ridgid. It does say the the product was registered but it seem like that is just the following page in the sequence. It dosen't make any reference to the product, buyer name, and or any other information put in on the registeration page.

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    I agree with Bebo76, that would be a great feature to add to the registration pages, so I'll second his motion.


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      Sending it via mail, you do not get a confirmation, and it costs a stamp! Plus they have to pay labor to do the data entry. The cost of a auto generated email from your own data imput on the web site is a one time deal in setting it up.
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        Good Point! What the cost of sending that with a receiving recept? Never sent one of those before.

        I usually mark on the manual front cover the date, place of purchase, serial number and price of purchase. The day I purchase it, is the day I register it online...always.

        I think I will add this bit of info when I do the "Woody's Tools" section on my site makeover for proof of what I have for insurance reasons.
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          $1.75 plus the normal postage. Its is good way to add an extra bit of coverage.USPS Return Receipt

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            I, too had questions on the "confirmation" issue, and I had even emailed them back in October:

            "I've just purchased several of your tools from Home Depot, I've attempted to register each on your web site, but failed to get a confirmation that they were indeed registered. Please verify that the following products were registered: ... "

            and the reply was:

            "If you did not receive back confirmation after completing and submitting the form, the registration was unsuccessful and will need to be done again. If you do not receive back confirmation, something may be prohibiting the registration between the form and your computer, so you may need to mail in the registration cards if you repeatedly do not get the confirmation of the registration being accepted on-line. We are not receiving similar reports of difficulty from other customers with the on-line registration which indicates it is working properly, so either the form is not being completed, or their is possibly a problem between the form and your computer."

            So, I decided the best way was to mail a certified letter (with return receipt) a summary of all Ridgid Products, their Model and Serial Numbers, as well as copies of the receipts for each. In my mind, there should be no question whatsoever that the items were purchased (within the promotional period) and registered with Ridgid. Now, if the web site registration process was efficient, and if it provided sufficient feedback of the registered products, then I would have been happy at that. But, as we all know, it isn't and doesn't.


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              Originally posted by grey44ghost:
              By the way Woody, if you send it in an envelope with return receipt requested, that can serve as evidence of registering the tool. I may just experiment with that and see what happens.
              a return receipt is only evidence of you having sent a letter to Ridgid. The receipt doesn't verify the contents of the letter.


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                Yes, but I would wager that it would surely show a really good attempt at registration, copies of the receipts, letters, post office receipts, email correspondence, and the like.

                Why would someone with original receipts of Ridgid Tools *not* attempt to register the products purchased to *enhance* the position of a legitimate warranty?

                I would say the key here is a *reasonable* attempt at ensuring the products are registered. We've all spent considerable money on the products and we would like to have some *warm and fuzzies* that we are at least covered as much as possible. I've registered plenty of products of other companies, and have received both on-line AND email responses of the data concerning the products registered. It's very nice to print out the confirmation email and tuck it with the receipt copy inside the product manual. As noted earlier, modifying the web pages and registration process to provide this confirmation type of feedback would be a *one time* effort, and would alleviate extra steps being taken to confirn that our products are properly registered.


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                  the only way this whole registration/lifetime thing would come to blows is in a class action suit IF there were a problem.

                  do you know how much it would cost to bring action against a company over a warranty? more than the purchase price of the 4 piece set.


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                    I don't know about any other state, but in NY the warranty is automatic with the receipt, no need to register, although I like to with the tools I buy. Check the laws in your state.

                    I recently registered a Ridgid saw I just bought. No confirmation email. So I went back to the site link and guess what, nothing in the code that does it. It is a generic product registration site that is run by Equifaxâ„¢ (out-sourced). Look here:
                    It would cost Ridgid a small fortune to have them (Equifax) set up a script to autoresponse a warranty registration-although relativly simple.

                    Maybe once the dust settles, Ridgid will host their own site(s)-very simple to do (and cheaper). The talent is there-I think they did a nice job on the new Ridgid site. Let alone it would be a nice gesture to provide its' customers. There is nothing worse than a big company thinking it's a big company.

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