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    I wonder why so many tools seem to be missing on the parts site?
    For example - the pneumatic tools aren't there at all.
    Tools Rule

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    I think it is because they are supported by different companies. For instance, the woodworking tools are made by TTI, and they seem to have a separate site to support them. The air tools may be the same situation. I was comparing the Ridgid Roofing Nailer the other day to the PC Roofing Nailer. Funny thing was that many of the parts looked interchangeable to the point of being almost identical. Makes ya wonder if they rolled off the same assembly line but went their separate ways at the paint booth
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      The ability to buy ALL parts and accessories ONLINE, without calling during normal business hours. I work 6P-6:30A.... what is normal for me??
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        Hi as any one can see I always seem to have something good to say about my Ridgid brand tools . I have no problem at all with their abilities . However here is something that is really annoying me. I purchased the R2930 router combo . Love it ! I saw in the manual that you can order an edge (read it first at HD before buying)directly from customer service. Well guess what ? After several phone calls from in all honesty some of the nicest people you would want to have in CS i was told the part is not available and no expected date. I called again this time I was led to Ryobi tech. They said the same thing . I wrote to Ridgid and i did as always get a prompt reply saying that the part is not available yet they have no idea when it will be and if as i stated i need one if it is within the 90 window take it back and purchase a router that has been out a while .....okay is it me or is something not right ? A while back i built a entertainment center out of MDF with raised panel doors the owners pet chewed the door and asked how much for a new one... I cant imagine saying its not available. Just my input


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          Sounds to me like the manual writing department did their job better than the production department did. Doesn't surprise me though as I've heard that Operating Manual writers are a very talented lot?
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            Lemme guess

            So BD,
            What would your occupation happen to be?
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              you know BadgerDave if I did not like the tools so much I would be like every one else that had issues with parts LSA etc. I truly enjoy the tools but... I want to be able to accesorize thats not too much to ask for is it? So now i need to decide keep or return . oh well at least I have a "few " ( 6 ) other routers to work with.


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                You Would Be Wrong

                Originally posted by Lorax
                So BD,
                What would your occupation happen to be?
                Lets put it this way Lorax, there isn't a single Operators Manual writer in the entire country whose job would be in jeopardy if I were to walk in the door. If the truth be know, CWS paid me $5 to say that.(See signature line below)
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                  Now, Now Dave... you weren't supposed to tell anybody about that $5.

                  Hey speaking for the tech writer's, I've known two kinds, those that live and die by the information that the Engineering and Marketing Dept's provide and never, ever take a walk out to production to see what really is going on; and then there are the occasional non-team players. who won't write a single line without seeing if first hand. Guess who get's the best reviews?

                  One of the things I learned at a very early age in the business... Engineering does what it needs to do to design the product. Manufacturing does what it needs to do to produce the product. Technical Publications is often the only group that get's to see the difference. That's why a good technical writer spends as much time in the shop as he does at his keyboard.

                  I'm sure that eventually an edge guide will be available.