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How about a SEARCH function!

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  • How about a SEARCH function!

    I hate to post repetetive questions, but how am i supposed to know what has been covered!? usually when I go to a forum, i can search old threads, or even the entire forum for my topic.
    As far as the Rigid site, in general, why can't I find the accessories for my table saw? when i go to the product page, there is no link to accessories, and i CERTAINLY can't find them at Home Despot!

    Grrr... it's a nice saw, i just wish that the support was better.


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    G' If you look right above you thread you will see this--

    RIDGID Plumbing Forum, Woodworking Forum, Power Tool Forum > General Topics > Suggestion Box

    How about a SEARCH function!

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    Now, read carefully--I believe it says "search"


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      Just type in the model like ts3650 and you will get a bunch of threads that match.

      Now, read carefully--I believe it says "search"
      Be nice Pipestone we all have brainfarts.


      PS. welcome to the board gregormiz... and congratz on your purchase these forms should have a ton of valuable info to help you set up your new saw.
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        Search functions


        I noticed that the search function on the new forum allows the use of the * in the search field as a wild-card: searching for "TP 1300" pulls up 28 threads while "*1300" pulls up 162 results. Also while searching for "ZCI" is too short, searching "*ZCI*" pulls up some threads.

        Are there other wild-cards or search features? I didn't see anything in the FAQ.