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    me either .................................................. . basturds ......................... now that should help out on the next preview lol
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      NO ,just the new whinners!maybe after there heads deflate and understand that everyone has to try to do something there self espeacially in ther own home first. first if you dont succeed try again then call the pros in!Besides polar,and oldslow,never thought you guys were whinning?i like to call it venting!!!
      A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!


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        Danged ol moles.
        Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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          Re: Remove Electrical D.i.y

          Originally posted by MD MASTER SPARKY View Post
          Sorry To Say I As A Licensed Master Electrician Am Very Disappointed With Rigid And All Who Have Anything To Do With The Management And Moderation Of This Site.

          The Powers That Be Have Allowed An Electrical D.i.y. Forum In Which There Is No Qualified Individual Giving Out Advice To Home Owners !!!!

          This Is An Outrage

          I Dont Think That Anyone Realizes The Liabilty That Has Been Presented Here Not Only In Property Dammage But In Loss Of Life

          Several Blatant Nfpa 70 Violations Have Been Suggested To Homeowners And Potentinaly Harful If Not Deadly Experiments Have Been Detailed In This Forum

          Something Has To Be Done About This
          What about all the big box stores and their informed employees ??


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            Re: Remove Electrical D.i.y

            I think there are two issues to be considered, one the liability of this Forum and two the safety of the diy'rs asking for advice. I respect anyone who is trying to keep folks from getting hurt, unfortunately there is nothing preventing unqualified folks from buying tools and supplies which could get them hurt or killed. I posted quite a while back regarding possible safety guidelines and power tools which are easily accessible online or from stores such as home depot. I would rather have a place like this Forum in which useful information can be given, than to have these clueless and determined diy'rs go forward into certain disaster. On a recent trip to home depot I saw an elderly couple looking to buy a lawnmover. These folks didn't have a clue what they were getting into, or what precautions would keep them safe. I'm sure emergency room attendants could tell us some interesting stories about first time chainsaw owners. I bet more people have been kept safe from harm and property loss by the Pro's who have given good advice and also suggested, "Time To Call A Professional!"


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              Re: Remove Electrical D.i.y

              >> "This Is An Outrage"


              "Something Has To Be Done About This"

              I'm glad to read the posts from Josh in response.

              There are some very strong professionals here and in particular I've looked things up that they said in my copy of the NEC (yup, I have one, even though I'm just a homeowner) and the pros have a real real good batting average.

              I appreciate the concern regarding safety but we need to reject the idea that we can't have discussion and bat ideas around because we're too afraid. The bottom line is, no matter what anyone on an internet forum (or the neighborhood bar for that matter) says, what we choose to do is ultimately the responsibility of the person attempting the job. If I electrocute myself because I don't see how dumb any particular idea is, then who's fault is that? And besides, if I'm inclined to do that, I will find a way to do it with or without a discussion forum. On the other hand, this is a good way for people to get some information and learn how to do some work on thier own homes. Some may replace an outlet....others may upgrade their service (and hopefully pass inspection)... it all depends on the person and their level of comfort, experience and competence. Sometimes in doing a job, you run across something that you don't know how to handle. It's good to have a place like this forum to kick it around, and often the pros here have seen similar deals and offer up a sound and safe solution.

              I think there's a lot of good advice given here. Overall, the help has probably been 100 fold on the side of keeping someone from trying something dangerous or in violation of code. In partuclar, there's been much good info on bnding and grounding and that keeps peole safe. But it's a public forum, and nothing like this can be perfect - even if every post was reviewed by a master electrician I bet there would be errors because no one person can be perfect, either. We're fortunate to have a number of professional tradespeople (in many fields) that don't mind sharing with homeowners. That's not a bad thing, it's a good thing.

              What must be done about this forum is... it must be protected. It's true that we live in a litigious society where anyone is free to sue over anything. I don't criticize Rigid, I applaud them for taking a stand on the side of common sense and personal responsibility.

              Wanna help? If you see something that is wrong or dangerous, write a quick post to that effect. Lots of the pro's here do exactly that.

              With due respect,



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                Re: Remove Electrical D.i.y

                Getting rid of the electrical forum because somebody might get zapped makes as much sense as getting rid of the plumbing forum because somebody might have a gas leak.