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  • Remove Electrical D.i.y

    Sorry To Say I As A Licensed Master Electrician Am Very Disappointed With Rigid And All Who Have Anything To Do With The Management And Moderation Of This Site.

    The Powers That Be Have Allowed An Electrical D.i.y. Forum In Which There Is No Qualified Individual Giving Out Advice To Home Owners !!!!

    This Is An Outrage

    I Dont Think That Anyone Realizes The Liabilty That Has Been Presented Here Not Only In Property Dammage But In Loss Of Life

    Several Blatant Nfpa 70 Violations Have Been Suggested To Homeowners And Potentinaly Harful If Not Deadly Experiments Have Been Detailed In This Forum

    Something Has To Be Done About This

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    MD, Are you going to post this in every section of the forum? Are you just trying to start arguments? I really don't know what your are trying to accomplish. It has been explained to you over and over by many different people on this that the forum is open discussion. There are many pros on the forum as well as DIYers.

    If you would like to be the person who keeps track of when someone is giving false information please feel free to post and tell them that they may want to reconsider shocking moles or whatever they are considering. You will see the other members already do the same thing without saying over and over again that we need to shut the forums down and we are gonna get sued.

    Please quit flooding the forum with redundent posts. You have the same thread posted in a bunch of places now and all it does is spur the same argument. Your points have been considered and the forum is staying the way it is. I humored you and placed the disclaimer at the top of the every forum. Please quit posting this same topic everywhere.



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      josh i think it is taken care of now though i am not sure of it but md master sparky must take he job very serosly(god i hate spelling) witch in today world is very refershing to see you have to admit.and if the very frist post i saw from a carpenters point of veiw was some one asking how they can hang from a truss 40 feet in the air with one hand while they swing a hammer with the other and no safety lines hooked up i would have been alittle mifited at the poeple that would tell the guy how to do it.that may not be the best example but i think you get the idea,now if it contiuse to happen then you have you use your power any way seen fit but for now give the guy a fair shake and warning as you have done and see if he take the next post the same way i have done a few jobs that i wish he could have been giving me some advice on as i do not think he would do me wrong on if he has all the facts,and josh how is the bath room coming??
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        I would disagree with the poster asking that the electrical forum be removed. Yes, the original poster's solution to resolve his "mole" problem was dangerous, but obvioulsy he was concerned and that is why he posted the question. Most the of answers given, pointed out the danger that the "electrical" solution was going to present.

        So, if this forum didn't exist, one needs to ask what would the fellow have done... discussed it with his neighbor and/or taken a trip down to the corner bar for advice? In all likelyhood, he wouldn't have contacted the local electrician, especially knowing the bill that would follow.

        The bottom line is, all these forums provide some measure of experience that is available to bounce our ideas, with the hope that we'll learn a thing or two. In this particular case, I believe there were a couple of fellows who had stated, at one time or another, that they were qualified electricians.

        While I can understand your dismay and alarm regarding the post, what I don't understand is that your only step was to call for the forum to shutdown... and you offered none of your expertice or experience to tell anyone why this was dangerous or that it was ill conceived. I guess the point is that NO advice, works better and its best NOT to be involved; at least beyond yelling at everyone to close the forum. Using that mindset, I would imagine that very few forums would exist anywhere.

        Regarding the lawsuit pertaining to the poor guy in Florida, I sympathise (sp?) with his family, but have to ask the question, "How would that have been prevented?" Everything passed inspection; so, was the inspector incompetant; the electrician, not certified; were building codes bypassed? Perhaps the poor guy should have checked all aspects of the installation with a meter, before he took those final steps. The outcome will be interesting, I'm sure.

        But we again have to ask ourselves to what extent do any of us have to go to ensure safety under any and all circumstances; and should we offer advice, warnings, and cautionary measures to avoid such hazards or do we just shut down every avenue so that liability can be avoided.

        In conclusion, I do wish that there were forums where one could go and get the advice of professionals; but who would pay that bill and frankly, who would want that job? Probably most importantly, who certifies the professionlism? Over the years I've seen too many "professionals" who appeared to be clueless, or perhaps they just didn't care anymore.

        Josh, my vote is to keep the forum... and keep doing the great job that most of us appreciate.

        Last edited by CWSmith; 02-23-2006, 08:40 PM.


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          The forum is staying. I am glad everyone is settling down over this whole mole issue. I think it was entertaining and hey its not bad to post a disclaimer so some good came of it. I am proud of the members of this board and how they conduct themselves. Thanks for making new members feel invited even if they come in with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. Points are all well taken and have been hashed out and hey we pry had a record number of posts today over this whole mole issue.

          Bathroom is on hold till my uncle can free up an hr of his time to help his nephew out. Plus I havent had time to test if there is even backfeed after replacing the crappy old GFI.




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            It Was Not My Intention To Offend Any One Just Wanted To Ensure That Safety Was Key.

            Which Has Already Been Resolved

            As Far As The Shut Down Maybe It Was A Little Extreme But In Any Case I Do Agree That A Forum Should Be Available For Those Who Wish To Do Work On Their Own But Extrme Care Shoul Be Taken

            In Any Case I Am A Professional And Will Be Sticking Arround To Give Any Advice That Is Solicited

            I Still Think The Mole Thread Should Be Removed Just For Those Who May Read Itand Get Any Bright Ideas

            I Also Guess I Owe Josh A Direct Apology.


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              Originally posted by MD MASTER SPARKY

              I Also Guess I Owe Josh A Direct Apology.
              they deported him for a week to the caribean.

              can i get an apology too, i need a vacation

              go easy on probrand, there's not too many moderators left

              phoebe it is


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                I'm glad we are all getting along now

                now is plumber ready to have a MOLE-B-Q ?

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                  "there's not too many moderators left"

                  Why, have you been testing mole eradication devices on them?
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                    Keep Electrical forum alive.

                    I would have to vote to keep this electrical forum going just as it is. I like what I see Josh doing in refereeing the site. As for Mr. MD Master, the best advice for him is the same I give to people who P & Moan about what's on television -- If you don't like it, TURN IT OFF! we have become a namby pamby nation of whiners and spoilers, grow up already. The mole episode was hilarious, and people were warning him almost from the first post that he had to be ultra careful with his ideas. By the way, the whole purpose of a ground rod is to safely channel that energy TO THE GROUND!
                    Let's let well enough alone already.


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                      I like that idea of this forum being diverse and I think the electrical forum should stay... HOWEVER if we got rid of it I bet it would get rid of all the winey baby arrogant electricians that showed up the mitute the forum was born so they could wine about how DIY elecrical work kills BILLIONS of people. And other BS that they come up with.
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                        Well now if you quite making fun of me i wouldn't whine so much!

                        in a way you are right the Electrical forum got a little out of hand. I really don't care if people do their own outlets switch's and lights and some light remodel work. After the home is inspected and meets code if a home owner does anything else to the house it is their own problem. We as electricians can however try to tell them of safer ways to do things and then at least if the do something stupid they were warned. I'll agree it got bad the with whiners showed.... but what can ya do besides ignore them. If no one responds to their posts they get bored right. Or does that only work on school bullies?
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                          Just bought a new house and am finding things like stripped romex where they pulled the wire after stapling it to the joists, leaving bare copper against the joists, open junction boxes (no cover installed) under the sink, etc. This is work done by professionals and the jobs were inspected by the local code enforcement.
                          Although the contractor will be getting the "opportunity" to correct this (under warrantee), this just reinforces my past experiences that just because someone is a professional doesn't mean he knows how or will do a good job. I very well may be posting to ask if "splicing in" or "taping " a bare wire is acceptable.
                          This forum gives me the opportunity to determine what is required to properly do a job, be it Elect, Plumbing, HVAC, etc before I call a professional. That allows me to forego calling in the "big guns' until I have the cash to get it done, avoiding wasting their time as well as mine. It also gives me SOME knowledge to determine which ones are worth hiring and which are not.
                          Being in a new area, I don't have the luxury of a lot of contacts with past experience to help steer me in the right direction. So, for my part, Thank You to those that give honest advice and assessments of others advice. and Please do not stop a forum because of those who are too afraid of Ambulance-Chasing Lawyers (ALCs) to help someone wanting to learn. It is because of the ALCs and those individuals who have so little confidence in the quality of their own work that they want that work protected for only them that you can't find much "Made in the USA" anymore.
                          Nothing will make the world safe for Darwin Award candidates, and to those that think that banning information and discussion will make things safer, I recommend a trip to the Mid-East so you can experience your Utopia.
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                            Oh,please do not get rid of this part of the forum!It's the best soap opra i have ever read.Tomorrow on Electrical D>I>Y.will electricman throw a bolt at rocky mountan or will rocky be grounded by NDmaster or will master sparky take the charge! stay tunned folks,the sparks are going to fly!
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                              Originally posted by chic
                              Oh,please do not get rid of this part of the forum!It's the best soap opera i have ever read.Tomorrow on Electrical D>I>Y.will electricman throw a bolt at rocky mountain or will rocky be grounded by NDmaster or will master sparky take the charge! stay tunned folks,the sparks are going to fly!

                              It's all funny till someone gets zapped by 277 volts huh? Not all of us are as whiny as people make us out to be. I'm more of the Don't give a crap at times. You have to be when as an apprentice you unload every truck without complaint (note I'm am only stating some facts.) and the journey man who is supposed to be supervising me is whining about how he has to take a care of a bunch of stuff at home. I find it funny that i get pulled off a small project to move some boxes in a different building, and the whole time the journeyman is talking on his phone... if i did some of the things the Foreman's friend did I wouldn't be working there anymore!

                              So if you ever feel that a sparky is getting a little whiny just remember we all get stress in our lives and we need to vent it somehow.

                              I ques you didn't include me in the preview for your soap opera because i didn' make enough waves?
                              "Diplomacy is saying nice dodging until you can find a rock." Will Rogers
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