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OL50135W Needs Telescopic Handle

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  • OL50135W Needs Telescopic Handle

    I recently purchased the OL50135W, twin-stack, oil-lubed compressor. So far, I really enjoy it. However, the nice, collapsable handle is not long enough for us guys over 6 feet tall. Would like to see an easy modification that would provide an adjustable, telescopic handle in addition to being collapsable. The same type of pin latch used to lock the handle in the upright position could be used in both sides of the handle to provide a telescopic ability. This would allow a more comfortable, easy to use length for us big & tall guys. That way, we don't have to bend and twist to pull it and bang our feet against it while rolling it around.

    The regulator makes fine adjustments to pressure a snap. Easier than many other compressors that I've used.