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Ridgid battery charger some thoughts

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  • Ridgid battery charger some thoughts

    I have all 18v ridgid battery power tools. I also have two 18v battery types:
    1.the HC style or 18v@1.9AH
    2.the newer 18v@2.5AH style. [both styles are nicads]

    I do realize a typically longer run time with the 18v@2.5AH battery...This has been discussed on other threads.

    I have both the single port battery charger and the dual port battery charger.

    I have found the single port charger takes a bit longer to analyze and charge a battery. I also note it does not have any internal cooling fan.

    The dual port has the built in blower motor. I find this helps keep the battery temperature within a specific parameter during the charging cycle. This facilitates a longer battery life. I also note that the actual charging time is faster. The battery test cycle is slightly faster than with the single port too.

    I do know there are a myriad of variables in charging these batteries, such as ambient temperature of the battery itself, condition of the battery cells, how far the discharge is on the battery etc.

    I have experienced overall a faster, and "stronger" charge using the dual port charger VS the single port charger. The term "stronger charge" maybe misleading as I really suspect the charging circuits are the same..I do believe though, that the blower fan does effect the amount of charge the battery retains as heat is a strong factor in charging nicad batteries.

    I do suspect the internal electronics of both chargers are similar, such as the battery analyzer circuit. Has anyone acquired a schematic of the chargers to compare them?

    The conclusion I have come to is, the dual port charger is the charger of choice for the 18v series of ridgid batteries.

    I wonder if this holds true for the other battery styles..9v, 12,v ,14v?

    The new 24v lithium battery and charger unit are a completely different beast. I have not included them in my comments.

    Cactus Man
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    I only ever use the dual charger.

    Since I got the dual charger with the large kit, I never used the single charger that came with some of the other tools...the planer and the screwdriver. You are probably right in your assumption that the charge circuits are the same and the biggest advantage of the dual charger is it's cooling fan which might keep the internals of the batteries slightly cooler. Too bad Ridgid didn't design it like Bosch did their "bluecore" where the charger actually draws air through the battery. That significantly cools the battery and extends the lifetime accordingly.

    In the past I have stuck NiCads in the refrigerator to speed up the cooldown process. It has made a huge difference in charge times and capacities. In more humid environments I suppose that could cause a problem with condensation forming on the batteries but I've never had it be a problem.


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      Hey Cactusman, I don't know a thing about the chargers, but when you mentioned heat, I thought I would tell you to make sure it is warm in Az. for the next week or so, 'cause I am coming down to visit my son. (Tombstone area) I will hold you personally responsible for the weather!!!! :-) Have a Merry Christmas!


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        Jim for you this will be shirt sleeve weather. We have no snow in Glendale but the west coast weather front is drifting towards us. Today we have a strange event ...water is dripping from the sky!

        The highs will be in the 55-59 range...that's above zero and no wind chill

        Cactus Man