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Ridgid WD1850 Professional Wet/Dry vac

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  • Ridgid WD1850 Professional Wet/Dry vac

    After carefully comparing products, I just purchased one of these units. Imagine my surprise when I immediately ran into problems assembling it. I'm a retired manufacturing engineer and race car mechanic, so I figured it would be easy.
    First, one of the holes in the vac base was not there to screw the base legs into. Apparently the injection molded plastic die needs work because where there should have been a hole for the screw, there was a solid piece of plastic. No big deal, I drilled out the plastic, being careful not to drill all the way through into the interior of the vac base. Next, I went to snap the toolholder bag onto the handle and one of the snaps fell apart. So using a punch and a hammer, I fixed that. Now I have assembled the unit and the top (motor) unit does not seal tightly against the base unit. I have a 15 year-old ShopVac that doesn't seal there properly so I definitely don't want that in my new $150 Ridgid vac. The entire top (motor) unit flops around on top of the base when the two side handles are properly latched.
    I paid 30-something dollars for my old ShopVac and it took 15 years until the top flopped around like this one is doing brand new out of the box.
    I'm taking this unit back right now to get my money back.

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    Re: Ridgid WD1850 Professional Wet/Dry vac


    While a good bit higher priced than a Ridgid, here are some real machines for you.

    (A good quality and simple model)

    (One nice step up - more power)

    (When you want the top model)

    (Accessories and other goodies)

    Please do yourself a big favor and don't get into their other models. The above 3 are the best machines for the price and are quality built.

    I know this is a Ridgid forum, but after going through 2 of their wet/dry vacs, I don't want another. Some models by ShopVac and pretty sad junk, but other models they make are nice machines.


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      Re: Ridgid WD1850 Professional Wet/Dry vac

      Thanks Woussko, but before I saw your reply I had already gone to Home Depot and returned my WD1850 and replaced it with a WD 1950 w/stainless steel tank. The top fits much tighter (I checked it out carefully before buying this one) but one thing stinks: there are $20 less worth of accessories that come with this model even though I paid $20 extra for it!!! Both the multipurpose car nozzle and the noise muffler that came with the WD1850 cost extra if you buy the WD1950. ugh
      And when I tried to order two 20 ft. hoses from Ridgid via the internet, they weren't in stock and wouldn't be in for 6 weeks or so according to my shopping cart. ugh
      At least there were no quality control problems with this model. yet


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        Re: Ridgid WD1850 Professional Wet/Dry vac

        In many cases you can make use of accessories by ShopVac for your Ridgid vac. This applies to hoses and attachments. Normally ShopVac (at factory) has them in stock and ships out quickly. The issue comes in trying to be sure they will work. Check hose and machine discharge sizes and then call them up. Here is some info that may help you out. I know it seems a bit crazy going this route but it has worked for people.