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  • vac pump 2000

    just got a real good chance to try out my new ridgid vac pump 2000 (vp2000)

    i had a basement with a water heater leak. the owner had a feeling something was wrong for the last 5 days. well today the heater shut off. she opened the basement door to find approx. 6'' of standing water in a 15'x 15' concrete basement. approx. 841 gallons

    i went there to pump out the water and took my new 12 gallon ridgid vac. and vp2000 vac. pump. this was the first time i got a chance to use it.

    it was very impressive i used a transfer pump to first get the water level down to approx. 1.5'' deep. then i used my 12 gallon ridgid shop vac. with the vp2000 attached to the drain port. i connected the 50'- 5/8'' garden hose to the pump. the pump had to lift approx. 8' to street level.

    as i was using the vac. to suck up the water, i turned on the vp2000 to start pumping the vac. out.

    all i can say was wow it pumped as i was vacuuming the water from the concrete floor. it sure made it easy to clean up the basement. the pump would even pump with the vac. running. i would have to stop every so often to allow the pump to catch up, but that was to be expected as the vac. had a 2.5'' suction hose and the pump had a 5/8'' discharge hose going up 8'.

    still it was a pleasure not having to stop and empty the vac. of water.

    just thought that you all would like to hear about it first hand.

    i was very pleased

    why can't i find it on this site?

    phoebe it is

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    Re: vac pump 2000

    I almost bought one of those last winter but wasn't to sure about performance.
    Does the pump seem like it can Handel a small amount of debris?
    I was thinking this set up would be great when jetting through toilet hole or any other place your not able to get a bucket or a trash can under to catch the water when line is blocked or frozen.
    The way I do it now is: 3' hose to transfer pump. 5' hose to trash can or bucket. I have a sump pump in can/bucket to pump out side to holding tank.
    I think this vac w/ pump would be a lot easier and a lot less clutter etc...
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