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  • TS3650 Table Saw

    I purchased a TS3650 table saw about 6 months ago. Assembly was a breeze but I did have to re-tighten a few bolts on the main carriage and re-calibrate the saw. One major problem I have encountered is the side that houses the hand wheel to tilt the blade bent outwards when bringing the blade back to 90 degrees. I solved that problem by placing two lengths of 1-1/2" angle to both sides of the side panel, cutting out for the botton screw that holds the hand wheel assembly and used four 3/8" grade 8 machine bolts with nylon tipped lock nuts to straighten the side panel back to it's original shape and keep it from flexing again. Ridged might want to consider beefing up this area as it bends quite easily.

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    Re: TS3650 Table Saw

    Did you loosen the tilt lock prior to tilting the blade?
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