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  • Ridgid VSR Drywall Drill

    After purchasing a number of Ridgid tools, both stationary and portable, I have had nothing but praise for them. One of my Dewalt Drywall drills took a fall and quit working and I figured that I would purchase another one and get the first one fixed and keep it as a spare.

    When I got to the local Home Depot I noticed that the Ridgid VSR Drywall Drill was on sale, 2 for $99. Fantastic, I thought, I can purchase two for the price of one Dewalt. I took the tools back to the jobsite where we would be installing drywall into three rooms.

    Upon looking them over they appeared to be well made, comfortable in the hand, and solid. We grabbed the first board, set it against the wall and drove the first screw. As I pulled the drill back to set the next screw on the bit I noticed that the bit was still on the screw. No big deal, I grabbed it and put it back into the drill and drove the next screw. Same thing. This continued with just about every screw I drove in into that sheet on drywall.

    I thought that perhaps the bit was defective and switched it out with another bit before starting on the next sheet. Same thing happens again. Must be the drill. I opened the other box out and pulled the other drill out to give it a try. Same thing. Just about every screw driven into the drywall required that I pull the bit out of the screw manually and put it back into the drill. I changed the bit out 4 times and got the same results.

    At this point I could no longer afford to continue to waste time with this and I boxed back up for return to Home Depot on the way home.

    Thus far, this is the only tool that I have purchased from Ridgid that I was less than perfectly happy with.


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    Re: Ridgid VSR Drywall Drill

    That is strange. I have that happen occasionally with square drive wood screws with my drill/driver but never thought it could be the drills fault. I always just assumed it was a slight difference in the tolerances between the screws and the bits. It also happens with both my Ridgid and DeWalt drill/drivers.
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      Re: Ridgid VSR Drywall Drill

      I have had this problem often and with various drills/bits. There are a number of potential causes and a few trends I have noted. Painted screws stick more (pull the bit out of the magnetic drill bit extender). Square drive bits stick more than phillips which stick more than hex head. Drill speed actually works against you as well, the faster your drill develops torque the more they stick. (So a better drill can cause you problems with this.)

      I have some solutions for you as well:

      1) use a small amount of candle or beeswax on the bit

      2) stop using the drill bit extender and chuck the bit right into the drill

      3) If the bit comes out of the drill chuck directly, roll up a piece of 100 grit sandpaper and spin the drill chuck around it a bit to 'wear off the new' - be sure to blow the grit out and don't do it so long that you wear out your chuck.

      Hope that helps you - sounds like you returned two perfectly good drills.


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        Re: Ridgid VSR Drywall Drill

        There is no drill chuck, these are screw-guns, they have a pressure sensitive clutch and depth stop nose.
        The magnetic insert is the problem. There is a DW drywall gun insert that has a very strong magnet[at least the older made in USA ones I have], it is longer of the 2 types of solid bit holders, about $5 at HD. You can pull out the insert of the gun with a plier as the holding ring is tight. I do not have a Ridgid ,I have a DW and a Bosch but they all are basically the same.
        The DW sliding sleeve blackrubber coated made in China ones are terrible,and the bits fall out easily in use in a drill/driver . This is a screw gun and uses a specific type of holder, all steel, 1piece.
        Also, drywall bits are designed to cam out and the smaller head #2ph bits work best, usu. have some cuts on the sides of the bit.
        I almost bought those guns but I though on these type of deals there is usu. a problem and they are unloading them. Maybe the holders are defective.