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  • Dado insert...

    Hey guys,

    I've read several posts about the dado insert for the ts3650 being impossible to find. Check out I just got the Ridgid # AC1040 8" dado insert for $39.52 delivered.

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    Re: Dado insert...

    For $39 I could buy a half sheet of real nice 1/2" plywood and make about 50 of them.
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      Re: Dado insert...

      Bob's right, it's much cheaper to make your own. If you don't want to make your own you can find blanks here for only $14.99+.
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        Re: Dado insert...

        OK, Glad I got on here early this morning. Canceled that order and ordered 2 blanks

        Hate throwing money away...


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          Re: Dado insert...

          I also had a problem finding a dado insert. I know a employee at the Pro Desk who took the time to call a Ridgid Service Center and order it. Ridgid part AC1040 for the 3650 and 2400 table saws. It only cost $16.01.
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