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3,000 psi pressure washer

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    Re: 3,000 psi pressure washer

    Might anyone out there be able to tell me what Cat pump listed on Cat's web sight is the same as the 3GXT30 pump that comes on the 3300psi power washer. I cannot find this model number anywhere on Cat's web sight.


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      Re: 3,000 psi pressure washer

      Originally posted by newyota View Post
      I bought the 3000 psi model also.Same gripes as everyone about the manuals(poor).Also, all three clear hoses that come off the selector switch/valve for the tank or bottle were kinked and neither worked.I had to run the hose directly to the pump from the bottle to use it the first time.Just got thicker wall hose at the hardware and will see how it works now and hope it does not kink.
      Handy tip for dealing with clear PVC tubing, thick or thin, that pokes onto a barb:

      HEAT the tubing end until it softens. You can do this best with a hot air gun.
      SOAP the barb. PUSH the tubing end fully into place.

      KINKS: the tubing is too long or mal-placed by factory worker:
      cut the tubing to the ideal length (or maybe it was/is too short to start with)

      OR get the thicker, higher grade version as mentioned above: won't kink.
      USE HEAT, even a dunk in a boiling cup of coffee water will soften the PVC,
      and it will slip right up, full bore to the start of the barb-projection.

      MY machine: no kinks, but the hose FELL OFF the tank bottom-cap after one hour.
      WHY? because factory worker did not push the tube on, but for one barb-serration's length. It =was fated= to fall off. And then,
      all of that nasty, caustic "soap"-stuff flooded the ground, slippery as it dissolved and burned my skin,
      me, trying in vain to put the hard, soap-slicked tube back on. And I cursed something awful, like the ex-sailor what I yam.

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      first Popeye cartoon ever

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      You know. It's a good machine.
      Old adage: "The devil is in the details".

      See the Edison quote below?

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      T.A. Edison said, and I paraphrase from memory:
      "Nothing worthwhile works the very first time, all by itself,
      just to please you. You have to make the damned thing work!


      Join up?
      It is not religious or spiritual, and you may cuss up a storm
      and be in control of your life
      and make it not a "reid" place,
      after all; it's not commercial.


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        Re: 3,000 psi pressure washer

        Originally posted by zippy7277 View Post
        does anyone have any comments pro or con for the ridgid 3,000 psi pressure washer?
        If this is a RD80746 or in that series, DON'T BUY IT, the pumps fail after a very short number of hours of operation......


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          Re: 3,000 psi pressure washer

          Originally posted by hostile View Post
          I just picked one of these up at my local HD for $299.

          For $299, nothing out there comes close to the power and the build quality this has. I'm not a hardcore user (I'll use it probably less than 30 hours/year), but I need the power since my yard/house gets horribly dirty, but I cant justify the extra $200 for one with a CAT piston pump. Granted it has an axial pump, but mine is equipped with an Annovi Reverberi pump. From what I have found in my brief research, they are not bottom shelf. With a 3 year warranty, I'm not overly concerned. If the pump does go after the 3 years, I can just replace it with a high-end axial, for less than the difference in what it would cost to buy the 3300 (Google is your friend here).

          I purchased a roto cleaner head separately at Canadian Tire for $35, and the combination was amazing. What usually took me nearly 6 hours with one of those 1700 psi electric PWs took me just over 2 hours with this one.

          I know I've only used it once, but I'm very pleased.

          I haven't used the soap dispenser yet, and I doubt I will very much, so I can't comment on mine like others have above.
          After about 40 hours of use the pump will more than likly fail and it costs about $240.00 be prepaired.


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            Re: 3,000 psi pressure washer

            Originally posted by juggygals View Post
            Was forced to buy one today when mine went south at the start of the job. I have other rigid tools and have not had any problems. I had no issues with this model today, I cleaned a 2500 sq ft home. The engine started right up and ran for 4 1/2 hours with no issues. I have not tried the soap dispenser yet.
            Be ready after about 30 or 40 hours of operations your pump will more than likly fail. This costs about $240.00 plus shipping...


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              Re: 3,000 psi pressure washer

              Originally posted by Rong View Post
              My experience with Ridgid has been a total dissaster, they are no help at all. MY RECOMMENDATION TO PEOPLE DO NOT PURCHASE RIDGID TOOLS you cannot get any service, they don't care about their customers.

              I have been trying to get a part for my RD80746 pressure washer, after less than two years the pump has failed. Who knows what would be next if I replaced it.

              It seems to me the quality of products and service has gone in the toliet with this company.......

              NOT HAPPY WITH THEM AT ALL.................
              Rong, the above is a quote from an old thread that you reawoke.

              Firstly, from the posts that you have in this thread, I can say this - if you repeat yourself enough times, you become way more annoying than people want to deal with, and they then don't want to help you out. If you're just spewing and posting the same thing over and over again to get attention, well, it's immature. By all means, rant if you need, but make it constructive.

              Secondly, from your post above: "I have been trying to get a part for my RD80746 pressure washer, after less than two years the pump has failed". I find that interesting, since this pressure washer only came out last year. And, it would then be covered by the 3-year warranty, so any pump failure would be covered, and there's no need for you to pay a $240 repair cost.

              Something with all of this seems a little off to me...