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Ridgid Jobsite Radio review

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    Re: Ridgid Jobsite Radio review

    my input is put your packs on the table the night before. And as your Coffee is cookin put them batteries on the charger sip your stuff and put your other one on when it's time for a warm up.
    Well if you remember to bring your packs charged with you and they dont last like they used to, Its time to buy some new batteries.
    Nothing with energy will last forever.

    Be safe out there folks
    Bob B


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      Re: Ridgid Jobsite Radio review

      my radio is dead, plugged it in a few weeks ago, nothing. I have had it about a year (bought it when it first came out). I am afraid that I am out of luck warranty wise as the LCD screen was broken 6 months ago when a level hit it while loading it into the back of the truck. Not to hard a hit, but it was enough to crack it. You think with the gynormous metal handle/cage they would have protected the LCD a little better, and also the tweeters. Both tweeters are dinged up on mine from basic use. I try to be careful with it, but its a friggin jobsite radio, it should be designed to handle it. I am going to try and bring it in tomorrow for warranty repair, but I am not going to hope for too much. I can honestly say, if I am out of luck, I am not buying another one of this current model, and will hold on and hope the next revision is a better unit.

      Here is my thoughts for the next go round...

      -Scrap the radio scanner, its absolutely pointless. A police/emergancy scanner would have been way more useful, maybe a weather radio option, anything but the radio scanner.

      -Better lit LCD, and more protected from impact damage.

      -iPod being able to be controlled by face controls instead of having to open up the case to operate the iPod itself. Kind of defeats the purpuse of the protective holder for the iPod doesnt it? Keep the protective area for it though, that is one of the best features!

      -lighten it up a little, there is a fine balance between hefty and durable and down right cumbersom.

      -power cord, please, if your going to make a radio, a job site radio, give it a decient cord! My cord casing fell apart at the radio with in a few months of owning it. (just like every charger I own.... ) Also, recess the darn thing on the back, having it stick out is just asking for problems.

      -higher quality woofers (or maybe its not the woofers but the amp) either way, its weak and distorts way to easily. Usually this is a sign of a underpowered amplifyer, but its hard to tell with this unit.

      -Stick with the digital tuner, like that alot, but give us a dial for tuning. Hitting the button over and over to find stations is a Royal Pain in the Arse! (RPA)

      -get it here quick, I need a new one, and dont want to settle for the current model.... again.

      -oh, and ADD A CHARGER, deal with the costs of the patent form Dewalt, pony up the dough, and drop something to accomidate for it, like say something like... THE RACE SCANNER!!!