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WD4050 wet/dry vac user review.

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  • WD4050 wet/dry vac user review.

    My old reliable shop vac 2 gallon unit finally gave it up after 20 years of reliable use. I usually used this small Vacuum to clean out our ferret's cage. [litter boxes and other debris]

    I saw a sale at Home Depot and looked a some of their smaller 6 gallon units. I decided they were too large although the price $39.99 was very tempting.

    I chose the WD4050 for a variety of reasons:

    1. size..4 gallons ...just right
    2. power...This thing SUCKS!!! About 5 peak horse power!!!! The larger 6 gallon was only
    2.5 peak HP!
    3. noise? Well at about 12" from the exhaust with a SPL meter "A-weighting" set to slow I
    get around 92db! From the front where you have the hose it's even quieter! You do not
    get any sort of screaming whine, rather a low tone motor sound and air movement.
    The muffler [air diffuser] DOES play a critical role in keeping the noise level down.
    4. The WD4050 allows you to convert it to a blower, The 6 gallon model does not.

    Now many of you have complained about the odd size hose 1 7/8". Well I really did not care for the stiff 1 7/8" hose [for my needs]. I then purchased an adapter and went to the 1 1/4" hose and accessories. Aside from it being easier to find accessories at 1 1/4", I prefer the smaller hose for those tight litter box corners.

    5. cleaning the WD4050 is a snap
    6. Cord length is just right no extension cord required.
    7. The on/off switch is well placed and operates smoothly.
    8. the operating manual seems to have forgotten to include the product specifications
    I find this odd!
    9. Cord and tool storage is excellent, especially if you convert to the 1 1/4" size hose.
    10. the WD4050 is also very well balanced and even 3/4 full is not cumbersome what so
    11. I can't comment on liquid pick up as my use for this is strictly dry pick up.

    So..bottom line is if you are looking for a small 4 gallon wet/dry vacuum with a blower and great suction check this model out.

    This is a very nice product.

    Cactus Man