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Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

    I came here looking for some reviews on this new,(for Ridgid), granite
    top table saw. guess Im too early huh ? !

    this guy bashing the table saw is a loser . Ive been around, and not
    taken in by people like that.
    I think?,, tho not sure,, that Ive seen a similar post over at amazon on
    another tool review, (I bought it anyway, cause its what I wanted)
    he was bashing that tool also. he probably gets paid to do that,or just
    gets off on it. ?

    anyway,,,,,, Im looking er still looking for an affordable saw for my shop.
    no I wont spend a gabillion dollars for a jet or grizzly with a granite top.
    Ridgid tools are pretty good for the price, Ive never had to return one,,yet!

    this saw must have wheels,, a dust port,,be capable of cutting WIDE
    panels,,AND the manufacture'r MUST stand behind it.
    (but not in my way, lol)
    so far this granite top saw has what I want and need in my shop.

    still looking for reviews,,,,cheers.


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      Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!


      I can't comment on the granite saw, since I haven't used it, but honestly I don't see any practical advantage over a cast iron top. It would be a bummer to chip that granite. But I'm sure there must be some advantages that I just don't recognize.

      On the other hand... seems like there are killer deals on 3650's and 3660's right now. $400!! That's a great deal for this machine. A real good saw.. see my review thread of the 3650. The only thing I would add is that I have fallen out of love with the miter gage... which is ok but no different than that on all import contractor saws... and will probably spring for an aftermarket one before too long.



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        Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

        Originally posted by ThomasL1959 View Post
        this guy bashing the table saw is a loser .
        It's usually pretty easy to tell when idiots are reviewing tools. A lot of times they gripe about the tool doing exactly what it was intended to do. One of my favorite reviews was this ding-a-ling that was complaining because a Porter Cable 7549 (Bayonet Saw) didn't have a base that would tilt.

        The saw was built with a fixed 90 degree base so that it would always be dead on perfect. If someone wants a base that changes, they should not buy that saw. Whining because a tool does exactly what it was designed to do is plumb stupid.


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          Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

          quick up date.
          since the 3660 or 3650 (think its the same saw ?? ) is on sale right now
          I cant beat the price !!

          ive been looking at saws for a long time, and have finally narrowed it down
          to two saws . the delta 979 and the ridgid 3660 !
          the delta is nice and im used to them ! but !! I think Id like the ridgid
          alot better "and then" I found out the ridgid is on sale

          I'll be assembling a 3660 this saturday !!

          new toys ,, lol ,, gotta love em !!

          cheers !


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            Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

            be sure to read the assembly threads on this forum.

            It'll save you some time, headaches, and stupid questions.


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              Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

              there were assembly tips,...... oh,,, ! um .........oh well !
              only took me bout 4 hrs to put it together. (is that slow?)

              Ive had mine allmost a month now and ive put a downdraft sanding
              table on the right hand end.

              as well as an out feed table on the back - then I saw the thread
              on out feed tables. wish id read that first!
              I didnt go all out on it like some did cause I only wanted it to catch
              the small stuff,,,yknow when you just want to cut some little piece
              or trim something off. Ive got a 5' long table on wheels I use for the
              wide stuf like sheet goods ive also got some roller stands for really
              long stuf.

              Im really glad I bought it tho, cause ive since looked at other saws and
              still think I did better by buying my Ridgid table saw.

              Im currently in the glueing up stage of several hundred dollars worth
              of oak. for an entertainment center,(this project is for me,lol.)


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                Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

                Just bought the r4510 after searching the net for all the side by side comparisons I could find and checking out many units first hand at HD ,Sears,Lowes, etc. For the money and for my uses,this was far and away the best deal.In all fairness, this is my first table saw and I'm no craftsman.The only faults I see are the whimpy tape and the motor is loud compared to my MS1290.I thought that the fit and finish and overall 'feel' of quality was far superior to anything else out there in the price range including the Bosch.I fully don't foresee any trouble with this saw. Companies don't usually offer a lifetime guarantee to something that will fall apart!


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                  Ok, that was your review. Here's mine...

                  My review of newer/updated R4510 (replacement/updated version of TS2400).


                  Once I've actually tried out both saws, I'll update it further.


                  "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. ..."
                  --Theodore Roosevelt, "The Strenuous Life," April 10, 1899


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                    Re: Table Saw Review----> Bad!!!!!!!!

                    [QUOTE=wdwrx;155598]I DO NOT LIKE THIS SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    ......the table ain't great neither: I do a lot a free hand cuts and I find that the handle(?) thing formed into the left side of the table edge throws me off, causing these cuts to wobble( i know... no free hand cuts allowed) Never the less, I do alot of 'em and this feature doesn't help.

                    Freehand cuts? Hard to believe that a pro would be doing that. I hope you have a good orthodontist.

                    The later R4510 model deals with some of the issues you bring up, but the 2400 series was still given very good reviews by several woodworking journals. Do they see things that you missed?

                    Howard Ferstler